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This English Sex Story is from the time when I was studying in the first year of college.

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I am from a girls college in Delhi, which is located in Janakpuri.

My name is Soni, and I am a very naughty girl. I was currently studying in the first year of college, and I was just 19 years old. 

I had just started to become young, and my boobs were clearly visible through my clothes. 

My family consists of my father, mother, and my elder sister, who was studying in college in Delhi while staying with her grandmother.

My father was posted in Janakpuri, so we all lived in Janakpuri. I was the only one living with my parents at home. 

I am okay looking, but I am very hot. Because of this, I used to get offers from many boys.

When I reached the first year of college, my mother looked for a tuition teacher for me. 

She hired a young boy named Amit, who was seven years older than me.

Amit was a very handsome and attractive person, and he was also very well educated. 

But he was a very lustful man. And ever since he saw me, he started dreaming of fucking me.

I also liked Amit at first sight. Amit used to come to my house and teach me.

When my father used to go to the office, only my mother and I used to stay at home. Amit used to teach me in my room, which was on the first floor.

Mom used to live on the ground floor. She had a problem with her joints, so she did not come upstairs very often. 

Here my youth was at its peak, and I used to wear only cotton tops and shorts at home. Because it was very hot at that time.

My boobs were clearly visible through it. I noticed that when I wore these clothes, Amit’s full attention was on my boobs. 

Since then, I started wearing tops and shorts in front of him every day.

Now Amit was also finding it very difficult to control himself. It had been just four-five days. 

I was coming from college, and it started raining on the way. I got wet. Then when I reached home, I took off my skirt and shirt.

Now I was only in a small shorts and bra. Then I went to the terrace to take a bath in the rain. 

I was thinking that Amit would not come in such heavy rain. But he came that day too. When he did not find me in my room, he came to the terrace

I was wearing almost nothing, and due to getting wet my boobs were clearly visible through my bra. 

I was wearing a small cotton knicker below. I was shocked to see him and started going to my room. 

He caught hold of me and started touching me in a very dirty way.

He started saying: Studies happen every day, but it rains only sometimes. You should not take it seriously today.

So I started bathing in front of him again. I looked into his pants. His dick was fully erect. 

I am a very naughty girl, so I started showing him my ass again and again.

Then when the rain became light, Mummy called me from downstairs. I could not go in front of her in these clothes. Amit went downstairs.

Mom had to go to a relative’s house today. She went there for 6-7 hours. Now I was alone in the house with Amit. 

By the time he came upstairs, I had also come to my room and started wearing a T-shirt. 

Then he stopped me and said, “You look very good in these clothes”. 

I started feeling shy. Seeing this, he took off his shirt and started kissing me.

Now I also support him.

Then he took off my bra. Now my boobs were completely free. He started pressing them, and then took off my shorts and his pants. 

Now he was in front of me in his underwear. Then he made me sit on his dick, and started kissing my neck from behind, 

and also started pressing my boobs hard.

I was having a lot of fun now, and I could clearly feel his dick on my ass. I also started supporting him. 

Now he picked me up in his arms and brought me to my parents’ bedroom.

Then he came over to me and started sucking my boobs. He sucked my boobs for 15-20 minutes. 

After that he started fucking my pussy with his fingers.

After that he took off his underwear, and as soon as his dick came out, it started saluting my pussy. 

Then he asked me to suck his dick. At first I refused, but when he insisted, I started sucking it.

Now his dick was fully erect. He brought mustard oil and rubbed it on his dick. After that he applied some oil on my pussy too. 

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Today my tight pussy was going to take a man’s dick for the first time. I was very scared. 

Amit’s dick was very big in size. He then asked me to come in doggy position, and I became a bitch for him. 

Then he came behind me, and set his dick on my pussy, and started trying to insert it inside.

My pussy was too tight, and his dick slipped. Then he again set his dick on my pussy, and gave a very strong push. 

His dick penetrated 30 percent into my pussy, and I almost died. I started crying.

He remained like this for some time. After that he gave another hard blow. 

Now his dick had penetrated 50 percent of my vagina. I started screaming and crying.

Now he started fucking me. His dick had just entered halfway into my pussy, but that was enough for him. 

He was inserting it very slowly. After that my pain also reduced, so I also started cooperating from below. 

This time he pushed very hard, and his dick entered my pussy completely.

Now I started screaming and crying, but now he was possessed by a ghost. And now he was doing it very hard. 

Then my pain also reduced, and I was getting fucked by him silently. Then after fucking for 15-20 minutes, he ejaculated all his cum in my pussy.

I was thinking that now he will not do this with me anymore. But he was hungry for many years, 

and he knew very well that such opportunities do not come again and again. Amit my Home Tutor Fucked Me continuously for 3-4 hours that day.

After that he slept hugging me. Then when we woke up he went to the market and bought medicine from there so that I wouldn’t get pregnant.

After that day, whenever we got a chance, we would play the game of sex to our heart’s content. 

Since then, Amit and I have been having a sex relationship.