How I Fucked My Sister – English Sex Stories

How I Fucked My Sister – English Sex Stories

Hello Friends, my name is Anil, I like English Sex Stories very much.

Today’s story is how I Fucked My Sister.

Let’s get started

I was a simple boy from a small village in Bihar until my aunt’s daughter ignited the fire within me. My name at home is Anil.

Currently, I am 23 years old. My height is 5 feet 9 inches. I have a light wheatish complexion, a strong body, broad chest, which can tempt any girl.

Jiya’s sister is 24 years old at this time, 5 feet 6 inches tall, juicy,
slim young girl with a curvy body,
on whose face not only the village boys were crazy,
but even the uncles used to enjoy rubbing their dicks after seeing Jiya’s sister.

If I talk about my sister’s figure at this time, then her figure would be 34-30-34. » Fucked My Sister

Sister’s wide breasts are enough to attract anyone. But if someone looks carefully at the roundness of her breasts,

it seems as if two melons are placed on the sister’s chest, and both the melons are stuck to each other.

If I say in a few words, if someone sees the shapely shape of the sister’s breasts and the light brown nipples protruding on them even under the clothes, then the condition of the penis becomes bad.

So imagine if someone sees the naked breasts, then everyone’s mind will be shaken by seeing them, and everyone will want to drink the juice of the cream filled in the breasts.

If I talk about a sister’s ass, then her buttocks are as big as pumpkins, and when a sister wears jeans or a saree, then a sister’s buttocks add beauty to the jeans and saree.

After seeing Jiya’s sister at the station for the first time, my friends Rohan and Vijay also start wanting to fuck her sister and talk dirty about her.

I came to know about this when I once borrowed Rohan’s mobile. Then, I accidentally read Rohan and Vijay’s chat.

Then I came to understand what both of them thought about Jiya’s sister and how brutally they wanted to fuck her.

What both of them talked about in the chat, I will cover all these things in the same Family Sex Story. Will their wish be fulfilled, stay connected with us to know.

An uncle living near the house wanted to fuck my sister’s tight ass, which I heard with my ears.

One day he was talking to one of his friends about how tight Jiya’s ass is. Someday I will definitely fuck her ass if I get a chance.

Let me tell you a little about that uncle. His name is Veer Singh; he is the head of Aunty’s village and is very rich. » Fucked My Sister

He also lends money to everyone on loan. His age is around 40. His height is 5 feet 6 inches, and he looks like a strong young man.

Will Veer Chacha be able to fuck Jiya’s sister’s ass and tear her ass with his dick? Stay tuned to know. This story will continue in my separate story.

Now, without wasting much time, I will tell you in this story that this is the story of the time when my sister was taking her first step into youth.

That means when she was 19 years old, boys started masturbating in her name.

Sister was such a hottie that everyone used to dive their dicks in her pussy just by thinking about her.

Actually, the romantic time between us started when I was 18 years old; I had gone to my aunt’s place for summer vacation.

So one day, my aunt’s younger son Karan, who was younger than me, was playing catch on the roof (meaning one runs and the other tries to catch him).

So when Karan ran after me to catch me, I ran downstairs, and we both ran to the bathroom, which was temporary like all the bathrooms in the village used to be built earlier.

They used to make brick walls on three sides and put a wooden door on one side, and the open sky was visible above. » Fucked My Sister

A similar bathroom was there at my aunt’s house, where Jiya’s sister was soaking her youth in water.

Before Jiya’s sister could stop me from saying, “Anil, don’t come. I am taking a bath”, I opened the door and saw her taking a bath without clothes.

I was running so fast that by the time I could hear her voice, I had reached her running.

Now, the scene was such that Jiya’s sister’s emerging breasts, owing to her rising youth and age, were moving up and down due to her heavy breathing after seeing me in front of her.

At the same time, my sister was telling me, please look there, look there, and was trying unsuccessfully to hide her breasts with her hands,

which I had already seen very well, and I had already understood the roundness and size of her breasts. Drops of water were scattered on her youthful body.

Some drops fell on her lips, some drops fell on her neck, through the cleavage between her breasts, reached her navel, and then disappeared from there.

Since my sister was wearing panties, the drops of water were disappearing in the panties.

I don’t know how much fun I had that day, but to tell you the truth, it was the first time I saw a young bud and a 19-year-old angel growing towards youth, and seeing her, my eyes sparkled.

Then my sister came to the terrace wearing clothes; at that time, I was sitting quietly thinking about her. Then sister came and said-

Jiya’s sister: Anil, don’t tell anyone anything about today. » Fucked My Sister

Me (pretending to be ignorant): What sister?

Jiya’s sister: I take a bath without clothes, and you have seen me taking a bath without clothes.

Me: Oh no, sister, I will not tell anyone.

Jiya’s sister: My brother is so nice (and hugged me happily).

At that time I was shorter than her in height, so I was only up to her neck. So when she hugged me,
my head reached only up to the upper parts of her breasts,
due to which I could clearly see my sister’s cleavage.

Then days passed like this, and then I came back to my home. Then one day there was a function at my house, so relatives came.

Since there were many guests, and it was summer, arrangements for the guests to sleep were made on the roof under the open sky, and some cots were also laid.

When everyone finished eating, and it was 8 p.m., I lay down on a cot. » Fucked My Sister

But someone had put a little girl to sleep next to me, who showed her magic in a short while and peed on me.

So I woke up and gave that girl to her mother, and then came to the roof and removed all my clothes, and now I slept in only underwear and a vest.

By 10 pm, all the guests had settled down, and Jiya’s sister came and lay down next to me. I came to know about this later.

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When I turned over, I found that a girl was sleeping next to me, but in the darkness of the night, I couldn’t make out who she was.

Then as the night passed, the girl’s activities increased, and finding me alone on the cot in the darkness of the night, she started pulling me towards her again and again.

I didn’t know much at that time, and being very innocent, I was just trying to stay away from her.

As soon as I would stay away from her, she would turn to the other side and sleep with her ass facing me.

But after some time, she would change sides again and would pull me towards her, holding me tight.

Sometimes, she would put her legs between my legs, and sometimes, she would sleep with her legs on my waist.

To be honest, I came to know later that whatever sister was doing with me that night, its simple meaning was that her pussy was itching to take a dick.

She was ready to take anyone’s dick at that time. If she got any dick, she would immediately take it in her virgin pussy. » Fucked My Sister

After all, she was a 19-year-old fresh bud at that time. And you know what happens at the age of 19.

This age is the most dangerous for girls, and often when a girl passes through this age, she has the greatest desire for dick.

If there is a girl at the age of 19, and if you give her even a little attention, then that girl will quickly take your dick and will keep fucking until you satisfy her.

At that time, my sister was also passing through the age of 19, so youth was also at its peak. New breasts were emerging, and light brown hair had started growing on the pussy. » Fucked My Sister

Due to this, she tried every trick with me so that I could fuck her with my dick. It seemed to me that she wanted to get fucked by me because she was desperate to get fucked.

Has the fire in her pussy been extinguished? Stay tuned with your brother Anil to know this.

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