I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 7 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 7 » English Sex Stories

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Me: I will always love you, Annu. I really love you.

Natasha: I love you, Brother.

And we started kissing. I extended my hand and started rubbing her ass, but I knew that she was tired, so we both just started the shower and lay there.

I cleaned her pussy. We lay in the tub with each other for a long time, and the water was flowing over our bodies. I was below, and she was lying on top of me.

Her ass was on my cock so it had become very hard by now. I was kissing her hair.
Our hands were clasped in each other’s hands, and our arms were wrapped around each other.

We were lying like that. By now, Natasha’s pussy had become quite fine, and it had gained strength too. Her eyes went to my cock.

Natasha: What Brother?? Does it ever become soft or not?

Me: It will become soft once we are together. You will have to do something about it yourself.

Natasha turned around and started looking into my eyes. She started looking into my eyes and slowly started moving down.

Finally, she reached my cock and took out her tongue, and started licking the base of my cock and kept licking till the top.

Her eyes were still staring into mine. Our eyes would separate only when I had intense pleasure, that is, all the time.

Finally, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it wildly. Sometimes, she would kiss my balls and start moving her fingers round and round on my nipples.

My ass started moving on its own, and she understood that I was about to have an orgasm.

Me: Aaahh..Annu.. U. U.. Don’t stop.aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ah aa aa..

Pressure was building up in my balls, and just when I felt that I was about to ejaculate, she took my cock out of her mouth and left it.

Natasha: Not so easily, Brother. This is just the beginning. You will have to do something for me too. Only then will you get relief.

Me: Yes. I will do it. But do something to my cock first.

Natasha: Umm, haha.. no. Ladies first, don’t you know??

Having said this, she then took my cock in her mouth and took it out after sucking it twice. She was teasing me, and I was desperate.

Natasha: Think about it.!!

There was mischief and devilishness in her eyes. I understood that either I should do as she says or masturbate. I thought it better to obey Natasha.

Me: ok. What do you want from me??

She did not say anything. She sat on the rim of the bathtub, lowered her eyes, and pointed towards her pubic hair.

I understood that she wanted me to lick her pussy. I pulled her towards me and spread her legs while sitting on the rim of the tub.

As soon as I was about to lick her pussy with my tongue, she stopped me again.

Natasha: What are you doing.??

Me: I am going to suck the most beautiful pussy in the world. This is what you want, right?? So spread your legs and enjoy.

Natasha: No. Not this. I want to remove these hairs.

Me: Annu, do you want me to shave your pubic hair?

Natasha: Not just on the pussy. I want you to shave all the hair from here to there.

She pointed with her finger from her waist to the hole of her ass. I was happy. I took her in my arms and kissed her.

Me: Wait here.

I got out of the tub and brought the wax shaving kit. By then, she had laid down in the tub and placed her legs on the wall of the tub.

Her legs were completely spread. I looked at her. Her breathing was fast. Her boobs were moving up and down with every breath.

Her brown nipples had hardened, and her pussy was shining. In fact, it was dripping.

Her pussy juices had come on her thighs, and there was a musty smell coming from her pussy,
and I was having a very hard time stopping myself from pushing my cock into her pussy.

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Because of her milky white body, her boobs as big as a large orange, the wet hair in her armpits,
her damp body was shining, and she had spread her legs in such a way that her labia and clit were also visible.

I got into the tub and sat between her legs. She lowered her legs and placed them on either side of me.

I caressed her pussy with my finger, and she started moaning.

She was breathing heavily and looking at my finger. I was teasing her pussy.

Natasha: Hurry up, please.

I poured hot water on her pussy from the hand shower.

Natasha: Isssss. ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..aaahh..ummu.hffff..

Hot water started dripping from her pussy to her ass. I took shaving cream and started applying it on her pelvis with my hand.

My fingers were moving like a snake on her pussy. It would just touch and go away. She had closed her eyes and was slowly moving her hips.

I applied cream from her pelvis to her asshole and then slowly started shaving every hair of her pussy.

I was shaving very carefully, and wherever the razor passed, that place became absolutely silky and smooth.

I spread her labia and started shaving on the sides. Suddenly I felt Annu’s ass was shaking a lot. I understood that she was about to have an orgasm.

I deliberately started moving the razor lightly around her pussy. Now her ass was shaking vigorously and suddenly.

Natasha – aaaaaaaaaa. bhaaaaaaaaaa. ee.. yaaaaaaaaaaaa. aaa haa aa aaa aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaa..

After 1 minute, she opened her eyes. Her breathing was still fast, and her legs were holding my waist.

Me: There is still some left. Should I shave it???

Natasha: Do it.

Me: Come in doggy style.

Natasha: Shave first.

Me: That’s what I am saying. I have to shave the pubic hair around your ass too.

She immediately got into doggy style. Now her ass was right in front of me. Her ass was of perfect heart shape, and her beautiful pussy was pressed in between it.

I kissed her ass and started rubbing it. I spread her ass with my hand and then started shaving the hair below her pussy.

During that time, I inserted my finger in her ass.

Natasha: Oooooooookkkhhhh.. Brother ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No.

Me: See. Your pussy has become very smooth and soft now.

He checked it with his hand.

Natasha: Wow.!!

Me: Now it’s my turn.

I stood on my knees with the support of her ass and took out her pussy juice with my hands, and applied it to my cock so that it became smooth.

Me: Today, this dick will go in your ass.

Saying this, I put my cock on her ass and started thrusting slowly.

Natasha: Aaahh. ahhhhhhhhhhhh ah aahhhhhhhhh uff uff uff uff. Slowly. eeee. aaahhh aaaahhhrrgggg.

With every thrust of mine, my cock was entering her ass. With every thrust, her voice was increasing.

Her boobs were hanging down, and I was squeezing them. I increased the speed.

Natasha: Ahhaaah aa aahahahahahahaah. More. zzurrr. Ssi..ayeee. hhh. uff. Put it. Aaa. I am your whore. aaa.put it in. aaaha aaha

I kept fucking her ass, and finally.

Me: Aaaaaaaaahh. Ayaa ..your ass is a very tight chain. I am fucking your ass.

I released my cum in her ass, and she also had an orgasm. she could not bear it anymore, so she screamed and fell in the tub.

I fell on her ass. my cock was still in her ass. We both were very tired. Natasha had tears in her eyes, but there was a smile on her lips.

She was under me, and I was lying on top of her. She did not have the strength to get up, so I held her by the waist, lifted her, stood against the wall, and started the shower.

We were still panting. Somehow, we took a shower and fell on the bed. After 10-15 minutes, when she regained consciousness, she said.

Natasha: Brother, can I tell you something?

Me: yes, tell me.

Natasha: Will you make me your girlfriend.

I laughed and hugged her, and we slept. Then she went home and came back at 8 in the morning.

My parents had still not come, so we had furious sex twice. That day, I left for my city. I have memories of the time I spent with my sister Annu.

Earlier, I used to love only her body, but now I have really started loving her!!

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