I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 6 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 6 » English Sex Stories

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Natasha: I am sorry, Brother. Don’t go. Don’t get angry, Brother. Please. I will never do this. Now, I will do whatever you want. Please, Brother.

My heart started melting, and she was crying, holding my knees. Because of that, my towel became very loose, which I did not realize.

I looked at her, lifted her from her shoulders, and hugged her tightly. She was crying a lot, and she said sorry again and again.

Me: Arrey bus, bus, Anu. Where did you learn so much drama? It’s enough. I am not angry with you.

Natasha: Don’t be angry with me, or else I will die, Brother. I will do whatever you say. You can kiss me, undress me.

Please do whatever you want, but never be angry with me. I love you very much, Brother.

Her tears were wetting my chest. I lifted her face. Her beautiful eyes had turned red. I looked at her and said-

Me: It’s my mistake, Natasha. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have forced you. If you don’t want it, then I will never even touch you.

Natasha: No, Brother. I want to. I was just scared that day. I love you, Brother.
I want to love you in every way. But promise never to be angry with me.

Me: I promise. I love you, Deepu. And why do you need to be a scared, silly girl? I will never hurt you. I promise.

Natasha: I know you will never hurt me. You are my brother, and I love you.

I held her in my arms. After 2-3 minutes, she stopped crying. She was standing very close to me. I was caressing her hair and kissing her forehead.

As soon as she separated from me, the loose part of her jeans belt got stuck in my towel, and my loose towel came down.

Now, I was completely naked from the waist down and the waist up. She started wiping her tears.

The thought of fucking her had gone out of my mind, and as soon as the towel came out, I hugged her again out of fear so that she would not know.

Now her thighs were brushing my cock, and for the first time, I got angry at my cock; why was it getting erect so slowly.

Natasha had kept her eyes closed and was in my arms. But she felt something pricking her thighs. She lowered her neck to look down, and I stopped her.

Me: no. Anu. Don’t look down, please.

Natasha: Why, brother, what happened??

Me: I am sorry, Annu, but my towel came off, and my cock got erected by the touch of your thighs.

Natasha: Heehee.. then let me see.

Me: No.let it be Annu.I want to do things that you want.

Natasha: Brother, I love you, and I want this. And anyway, maybe you don’t remember, but you said that this dick is mine and I can love it whenever I want.

I want to love you now, Brother. I want to love you a lot.

Me: Ohh. I love you, Natasha.

Saying this, I hugged her again and started kissing her. We were kissing passionately. French kiss. My hands were moving on her body.

I was feeling her body. And she started moving her fingers slowly on my chest, belly and then on my cock.

She caught hold of my cock and started shaking it. You are reading this story on ourvasna.net.

Natasha: Ummm. he has grown even more.

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Me: Yours have also grown up, right?

Natasha: These people have grown up for you only, Brother. So that you can play with them, my body is yours, Brother. I am your whore.

Her words made my cock hard like a rock. I had lost control now and was kissing her everywhere. Her pink lips, fair hands, neck, ears.

I picked her up, and she crossed her legs around my waist. I took off the kurta she was wearing in one go.

And we slowly started going towards the bathroom. Her off-white color bra suited her fair body, but I wouldn’t say I liked it at that time,

so I started opening the hooks of her bra one by one and started kissing her boobs from above.

Her boobs were now substantial, absolutely white. Finally, I removed her bra, and to date, I remember that they were the most perfect boobs in the world.

White with light brown nipples, which had become challenging. I started sucking her boobs. Started nibbling her nipples with my teeth.

Natasha: Ayaa.Ayaa..aaahh.umm.

Suddenly, my eyes went to her underarms. Milky white armpits and brownish hair. I started kissing her armpits and sniffed it.

There was a very erotic and musty smell coming from them. I was sucking it everywhere. She also removed my vest.

Now, I was completely naked. My dick was hanging under her ass, and she was sucking my nipples. I was in heaven. We finally reached the bathroom.

Her jeans were still on. I loosened her belt, and she stood on the floor and started taking off her jeans. Her milky white, toned thighs.

There was not a single hair on her legs. Smooth and soft skin. I was kissing her body from her toenail upward. I even bit her thighs.

She was making ahhh sounds. When I stood up, she understood and immediately sat down on her knees and started sucking my cock.

Me: Aaaahh.Annnnuuu..Aoooooon..hah

After so many years, her beautiful hot lips sucked my cock, and she kept sucking my cock. I stopped her. I did not want to ejaculate.

I started the shower to cool myself down, and now the cold water started falling on our bodies.

Her cream-colored panties had become completely transparent, and I could see her pubic hair.

Natasha: Brother.!!

Me: Yes, Annu

Natasha: Now I also have pubic hair. Will you fuck me today?

Me: Yes, Annu. I will fuck you today and always.

We started kissing again, and then I picked her up and started removing her panties. As soon as her panties got separated from her body, her beautiful pussy came in front of me.

Her lips were pink in color, and she had golden brown colored hair on them. She was standing. I sat on my knees and started looking at her pussy. Pure beauty!!

Me: Hi Jaan.!! We met after a long time today.

Natasha started laughing. She was looking at me. There was a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes, which is only found in people in love.

I understood how much she loved me, and I also loved my sister. I was staring at her pussy.

Finally, I spread her pussy lips with my finger and put my tongue on her pussy.

I started sucking her clit now. She was moving her ass slowly.

She was moving her finger through my hair. I started squeezing her boobs with one hand and, at the same time, started sucking her pussy.

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Natasha: Aaaahaha aa aa aa. uuummmmmmmmm. Bhaa..eeee.. yaa.aaaaaaa. aaaa h ahhah..

Natasha had an intense orgasm. She started screaming. She started shaking her ass vigorously.

Her legs were now shaking, and she was having difficulty standing. She sat down, and I supported her and began kissing her.

Me: How did you like it, Annu???

Natasha: Love you, Brother!!

I fell in love with her after hearing this, and we kissed. She started caressing my cock. We both sat close to the bathtub.

Natasha: Brother. Lie down in the bathtub.

Me: Why?

Natasha: Please.

I lay down. She stood up, held my hand, and came into the bathtub.

Now I was lying down, my cock was rock hard and she was standing over me. I understood what she was going to do.

Me: Annu. Don’t do this. This will hurt you a lot.

Natasha: It won’t happen. I know you won’t let it happen, Brother.

I took her hand in mine, and she sat right in front of my cock. I held her by the waist and lifted her, and took my cock to the lips of her pussy.

Me: Look, Annu. There will be some pain, and bleeding may also happen.

Natasha: Let it happen. Just today. I want to do this only with you.

Me: love you, Anu. Suck my dick once so that it becomes slippery and enters quickly.

Natasha: It will go, Brother. My pussy is already very wet. You just put it in.

I started to put my cock into her vagina, and holding her waist with one hand, I began to make her sit on my cock slowly.

And with the other hand, I was holding her hand. Her pussy was really wet and extremely tight. It was tough.

It was not going in, and she was feeling a lot of pain. Suddenly, she stopped. She looked into my eyes and suddenly sat on my cock. The cock went up to 4 inches.

Natasha: Aaaaahhh.. isssssssssss. aaaahhh. Brothera.aa. aaa aaaah aa aaaaahh.

Bleeding started from her pussy. She grabbed my hands and closed her eyes. Tears started flowing from her eyes, and she started feeling pain.

Me: sorry. Annu.

Natasha: No, Brother. Thank you.

We were in the same position for 5 minutes so that her pussy could adjust to my cock. Her blood was on my thighs.

I held her waist and started thrusting slowly. She also started supporting me now and was moving up and down.

Her boobs were bouncing with every move. Now she had regained her composure and was fucking. Sometimes, I would pinch her nipples and sometimes kiss her.

Me: Aaaaaah ah aa aa aa aya ah. ummmm. Louder. Speed speed.

Natasha: Aahh. Aahh.. Ummmmmmmmmmmm. I am cumming.

And saying this, I released my semen in her pussy, and we had a mutual orgasm, and she also urinated. We both started panting.

Our bodies had become completely sweet. She sat like this for some time, and when my cock became completely soft, she fell on me.

Her boobs were pressing against my chest. I removed the balls from her face and kissed her. You are reading this story on HindXstory

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