I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 5 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 5 » English Sex Stories

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She put her finger on her pussy; she was sucking my sweet cock lovingly.

Me: Ahhhh.. ah ahmmmm mmm ah ah Natasha.. don’t stop… ah I am leaving..

I ejaculated in her mouth and lay down beside her, tired.. my breathing was speedy, and some of my cum dripped from her mouth…

I cleaned it with my finger and started rubbing the same finger on her pussy… her wet pussy… I kept stroking, and she had another orgasm.

Me: Natasha??

She started gasping

Natasha: what??

Me: Should I fuck you now??

Natasha: yes, Brother. fuck me now. I am your whore

We started kissing.

Me: Not today, but I will fuck you; this is my promise; till then, let it be like this.

And the day you attain entire youth, I will fuck your ass, suck your nipples and put this dick in your pussy..

We were tired. We rested for a while and then took a bath. There also we had oral sex once, and then I dropped her home. It has been many years now.

I went to another city to study. It has been many years since I saw Natasha. I neither saw her nor spoke to her.

But then, once again, a chance came. It was my aunt’s son’s wedding so I had to go home. Almost 2-3 years had passed since whatever happened between us.

I was very excited because I knew that this time Natasha would fuck me. Even if it is someone else’s wedding, I will celebrate the wedding night.

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I packed my bags and left on the same night’s train. The next day, when I reached there, my eyes were only looking for Natasha. But there was no trace of her.

Now, due to meeting after so many years, all the relatives also started worrying, and I was desperately searching for Natasha.

I saw all the girls who came to the wedding, and there were two scorching items. But I was looking for my sister.

There are so many people at the wedding house and much work to do. I got busy with work and still couldn’t see Natasha.

In fact, I saw his sister. She had psoriasis and looked very strange. I even asked her about Natasha.

She said she was in 10th grade but needed to find out where she had gone.

I was losing my patience when I heard from behind, “Natasha, go and call the girl’s family for lunch!”

I immediately looked back, and my eyes fell on the girl I had seen as soon as I came in the morning.

Milky white, cute like a Barbie doll, about 5-2 inches tall, her hair was till her shoulders, and the best thing was her eyes.

And I remembered that the girl I had thought was hot as soon as I saw her in the morning was Natasha. My penis had become erect.

I was thrilled. I looked at her and started smiling; she knew I recognized her.

Me: Wow…Hi Natasha…I did not recognize you.

Natasha: Yes, I know. I understood in the morning itself that you had forgotten your sister.

Me: No, Natasha. I was looking for you only. In fact, I saw you in the morning, but I could not understand that it was you. You have become so beautiful now, just like a hot model.

I looked at her carefully. She was wearing a blue kurta and red pajamas. I looked at her figure closely. Her boobs had become almost 32C at this age.

Her waist was very narrow. All her fat was gone, and it seemed like all the fat from her waist had come to her hips.

Her hips were so perfect and tight that I could feel her ass through her pajamas, and her C-cup boobs were completely erect, challenging, and ready to be sucked.

In short, after seeing her, I ensured that I would spend my wedding night with her today.

Natasha: Okay, brother… I am leaving because I have some work to do.

Me: Hey, where are you going? I was desperately looking for you, and you neither hugged nor kissed me.

Meanwhile, I hugged her tightly, and seeing that there was no one around, I felt her ass. Even today, her ass was as soft and smooth but big and tight,

and from the front, I pressed her boobs against my chest. I slowly started moving my hands on her back and said to her-

Me: I missed you a lot!!

Feeling my hand on her ass, she stepped back and started looking at me with strange eyes.

Natasha: Brother, let me go… I have some work.

Saying this, she went away. I started looking at her swaying ass. Sexiest ass ever. Her ass used to shake and bounce with every step she took.

But she extraordinarily looked at me. I thought she must be busy at work and scared to face everyone, so I let her go and started doing my job.

The wedding was in the evening. Everyone was ready, and the baraat left. I knew that hardly anyone would be at home at that time.

The girl’s family was also busy. Arrangements were made for them in the guest room, a little away from the house.

I had been tired after working since morning, so I lay in bed for a while to rest.

Then I saw that Natasha was going to take a bath. I immediately got up and started following her toward the bathroom.

She had a small bag in her hand containing cosmetics and her clothes on her shoulder.

My eyes went to her black bra, and my penis got erect immediately.

As soon as we reached the bathroom, I lifted Natasha from behind with the support of her waist.

Natasha: Ayaa….. Leave me… Leave me… Who are you??? Dog… Leave me…

She did not see my face in the dark and started screaming out of fear. I put her down, pushed her against the wall, and covered her mouth with my hand.

Me: Why are you shouting?? It’s me.

Natasha: Brother, leave me… I have to go…

Me: Not like this. I will have to kiss you. After all, we have met after 5-6 years…and you have become so beautiful that I feel like loving you.

Natasha: No, Brother… let me go, I will scream… I don’t want to do all this… let me go, Brother…please…

Me: What happened to you?? I think I will have to remind you of your promise.

Having said this, I pressed her breast with my right hand, and she writhed away.

Natasha: I told you to let me go, or I would tell Mom. I started getting angry. I grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall.

Me: Keep quiet and don’t act; what happened to you?

She jerked my hand, slapped me hard on my chest, and went away. Before I could understand anything, she had locked the bathroom.

I knocked 1-2 times to open the door… but she said go away from here, Brother… I was furious. I left from there and, after getting ready, I reached the wedding.

That day, neither I nor Natasha went in front of me, and neither did she come in front of me. The next day, we left to go to our respective homes.

I packed my luggage and kept it in the car, and then my eyes fell on Natasha.

She was looking at me. I looked at her angrily, turned my face away, and sat in my car.

We reached home in 2-3 hours. She went to her home, and I went to mine. After that day, neither I nor she met me.

My holidays were about to end. I confirmed my departure ticket and got a ticket for two days later. I came home and lay down in my bedroom.

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After 10-15 minutes, someone knocked on the door, and I realized that it was Natasha. I opened the door, and Mummy was standing there.

Mom: What happened to you??? Are you not feeling well?

Me: I am fine… just a little tired…

Mummy: It’s okay. Sleep. Yes, we are leaving the station in the evening. Your father has an official function and has invited us.

If possible, we will come by night or tomorrow afternoon. The government has made the same arrangement for our stay. You are coming, right?

Me: No..you guys go. I get bored in such places.

Mom: But what will you do alone? Come on

Me: Nope. My friends are also here. You guys go!!

Mom: Okay… then I will prepare dinner and then go.

Me: Hey… I will see… don’t make it.

Mom: it’s okay.

I then slept for a while. When I woke up in the evening, my parents were about to leave… Mummy gave some instructions, which I did not listen to.

I saw her off and went to sleep… I woke up after 20-25 minutes and started going for a bath.

When the doorbell rang, I took my clothes and started going towards the bathroom.

Now, I like to stay naked, so whenever I am alone, I stay nude. I immediately wrapped a towel around myself and wore a vest.

Mostly, I talk through the window if someone is at the door… I looked through the side window and was surprised… It was Natasha.

I fixed my towel and opened the door. Natasha was standing in front… I was still angry with her. I asked her without inviting her inside-

Me: What happened?? What is your work…. Mummy is not here…

Natasha: I know. I just came here. I last saw you a while ago and thought I should meet you.

Me: What do we want to do when we meet… Are you my girlfriend, and should I come to meet you?

Natasha: Should I come in?

I opened the door entirely and moved aside.. she went inside the house.

I brought her water from the kitchen and went straight to the bedroom..

she was sitting in the hall. Seeing me going, she lowered her eyes.

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I came to my room and started collecting my clothes for a bath. She came to my room and started looking.

Natasha: What are you doing, brother??

Me: I am laying eggs… Can’t you see that I am going to take a bath, so I am taking clothes?

And what do you have to do with what I am doing, what I want? You do your work… or else go home.

Natasha: Why are you saying this, brother??

Me: Whatever I want, I can say or do…!!

She suddenly started crying. At first, I thought she was pretending. I did not pay attention to her and started going towards the bathroom.

She suddenly came in front of me, hugged me, and started crying. When I looked, she was seriously crying.

Natasha: Brother. I know you are angry with me for that night…

Me: For which night?

Natasha: That day when you wanted to kiss me, and I hit you… I am sorry, Brother, please forgive me…

I was scared then, and I felt it was wrong for us to do all that.

I was so scared that I raised my hand. I should not have done this… you are my elder brother…

I will do whatever you say, just don’t be angry with me, Brother… please… I am so sorry…

She was crying a lot… My heart started melting… I separated her from myself, and she thought that I wanted to leave from there…

She sat at my feet to stop me and started crying to stop me… You are reading this story on HindXstory

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