I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 4 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 4 » English Sex Stories

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Natasha: What happened?? I won’t take it out…

I looked at her innocent face… and held her in my arms, and started French kissing her…she also started copying me…

Me: Hold my dick.

Natasha: You didn’t even take it out. Where should I catch it?

Me: Then you take it out.

She stood up and started removing my jeans with her hands and removed my underwear too in one go.. and my dick came in front of her like a spring..

she was not feeling any shame now.. as soon as she saw my dick, she started playing with it.

Me: Don’t do anything now… leave it… come in the doggy style.

She then sat in doggy style. I looked at her panties and started rubbing her pussy and kissing her ass.

Me: Your pussy doesn’t look very wet today…

Natasha: why??

Me: I want your pussy to become so wet that your panties get entirely wet.

Natasha: But how is Brother??? Should I pee?

Me: No. It will get wet on its own.

Saying this, I removed her panties, and she was standing naked in front of me. I pinched her nipples, and she moaned.. the precum was coming out of my cock…

Natasha: Brother, milk…

Me: yes, I know.it is for you only..but not now.

I went to my room and brought a towel.

Me: Now I will make your pussy wet.

Natasha: how??

Me: Stand up.. on the bed.

She stood on the bed. I came behind her and sat on my knees. Now my dick was touching her ass.

Natasha: What are you doing?

Me: I am inserting my dick in your ass.

Natasha: No… Brother… it hurts… please…

Me: I am not entering inside…Stand quietly…

I started massaging her ass…

Me: Spread your legs…

She spread her legs, and I inserted my cock between her legs, right below her pussy.

Me: Close your legs…

Natasha: Take out your dick…

I slapped her on the ass.

Natasha: Aaahh… sorry… I understood…

She closed her legs.. now my cock was touching her pussy lips and was stuck in her thighs. 

I tied the towel around the waist… Now she was tied to me, and my cock was on her pussy.. she looked down and said.

Natasha: Is this called fucking?

Me: No.. the dick is outside right now.. when it goes inside the pussy, it is called fucking.. stay standing.

I will lift you in my lap now. Stay as you stand.

I put my hand between her arms and lifted her, and started walking towards the kitchen.. as

I started walking, my cock started rubbing against her pussy..

Natasha: Aaah… Brother, the dick is going in…

Me: No.. I am just rubbing it outside… as I move, your pussy will rub against my cock…

We took the food and sat on the chair.. my cock was still in her legs. We started eating, but Natasha’s breathing started getting faster.

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Me: how are you feeling??

Her nipples were hard, and even my pubic hair had become wet; she was so wet…

Natasha: Ahhhh. Brother, it feels so good. Hmmm.

Me: Look at your pussy…

She touched her pussy and said-

Natasha: I am entirely wet… and so is your cock…

Me: yes.. and my cock loves your pussy a lot..

We started eating food, and in between, I started licking her pussy juice with my finger… She was sitting on my lap and looking at my cock.

Natasha: It feels like it’s my dick…

Me: It is yours.. do whatever you want.

After having food, my cock started going into her pussy lips, and she started saying aah uuh… I told her-

Me: Go, wear your panties… and show me how wet you are… I am coming…

She went to the bedroom and put on her panties… till then, I was taking some stuff from the kitchen… honey and milk.

Today I was going to drink milk from her pussy. When I went to the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed wearing panties…

I looked at her, and the way she was sitting, a camel had formed on her panties… I asked her to get naked.

She quickly got naked and started showing me her panties… there was a wet spot in her crotch. Seeing the stuff in my hand, she started asking…

Natasha – Brother, what is this?

Me: Today, I will show you how to fuck..

I started a blue film on the PC. Hardcore. I was sitting on the bed, and she was on my lap. We started playing with each other.

She oversaw the movie and, in between, started playing with my cock.

Me: This is how fucking happens… now tell me, will you fuck with me?

Natasha: Whatever you say, Brother…

Saying this, I put my cock in her mouth. She started sucking it. I put her hand on my balls, and she played with it.

After watching the BF, she got the idea of ​​a blowjob. She began sucking my cock.. started licking it with her tongue.. my orgasm was coming closer..

Me: Ayaa… Ayaa… I am cumming… Aaahh… Aah…

She kept sucking my cock, and I released my cum in her mouth. I started pulling her hair and slowly started pushing my cock in.

Me: Ayaa… Natasha.. you are very sexy… ah, I love your pussy.. lie down on the bed with your legs spread.

She lay down. I asked her to close her eyes. After she closed her eyes,

I took the bottle of honey and slowly poured it on her body. When she opened her eyes, she started asking.

Natasha: What are you doing? Honey, why did you put it in?

Me: You are my sweet dish.. now I will eat you.

I started licking the honey on her body… I kept sucking her nipples… Her body looked very sweet… She was making aah uuh sounds and started waving her body…

Natasha: Ahh….ooh…Brother…

I would pinch her nipples, sometimes suck them, sometimes nibble them. She had become very hot. I started rubbing her pussy..

I stopped, and she opened her eyes. I took a sip of the milk from the glass and put it in my mouth.

Holding her legs, I stuck my lips right on her pussy and released my squirt into her pussy..

She screamed. I was holding her.. then I had her legs and made her stand upside down.

Now her head was on the ground, and her pussy was up. I looked into her eyes and smiled and looked towards her pussy..

my spit milk was in her pussy.. I again started sucking her pussy from very close.

Natasha: Ayaa… Brother….. gurgling iiiiiiiiiiiiiii…… it is happening… Aaya…. ahhhhh… Brother..aa.. ayaa

Me: Are you having fun…??

Natasha: aaaaaaahh..

She started screaming, and a fountain of milk came out of her pussy… Her breathing became very fast, and she had a very intense orgasm…

She started panting and remained in the same position with her eyes closed… I left her, and she started looking at me…

Natasha: Brother… I will always be your whore, just keep sucking me…

But my cock was still hard and erect..my fire had not been extinguished yet.

I started looking at her, and she was looking at my cock..precum was dripping from my cock..she understood.

She was lying on her back..her naked legs were spread..milk was still dripping from her pussy.

I touched her pussy with my finger and applied its juice on my cock…her pussy was shining.

Me: Now, what about my cock???

Natasha: The dick is yours…do something yourself…what should I do…?

She was looking so seductive now. My cock was turning dark red now.

Me: Don’t act and quietly do something about it.

She started feeling like having fun and started throwing tantrums.

Natasha: I am tired now, and my pussy is hurting too…you do something today…

Me: okay??? I will do something… it’s okay…

I caught hold of her legs and pulled her towards me… she started laughing…

Me: Now I will do something for my cock…

I stretched her hands on both sides of the bed. Now, she was lying completely naked in front of me.

I climbed on top of her and placed my ass on her nipples. She started struggling and tried to free herself.

I had put my weight on her, so she could not get up… Now my dick was touching her neck.

Natasha: Brother… What are you doing??? Leave me… let me go…

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I lifted her left leg with my right hand and slapped her ass hard from the side.

Me: Bitch, when I told you to do something, you were just pretending… you told me to do something myself…

Now I am doing it. I will do whatever I want now… I swear, if you were 14-15 years old, I would have fucked you right now.

Natasha: Ayaa… Brother… don’t hit me… I will suck your cock… get up from me…

Me: I will not get up now.. now you will do as I want.

Having said this, I took the bottle of honey kept on the side in my hand…

Me: Honey, do you like it?

Natasha: yes…

Me: Today, you will take my sweet cock… extend your hand…

Natasha: why??

This time, I pinched her nipple…

Natasha: Aaaaaaaaahh…….. Ssssiiiiiiiii.. Hmmm…

Me: Do as told…. okay??

Natasha: Yes Brother…

Me: Put your hands in front, pour honey from this bottle on your hand.. and apply it on my cock.

I gave the bottle to her, and she started taking honey in her hand. I moved a little further.

Now my cock was on her face. It was touching her cheekbone. She started applying honey to my cock.

Natasha: It’s done!! Now?

Me: Open your mouth. Now I will put this dick in your mouth in this position, and you will suck it.

I got down on my knees and placed my cock on her lips. She opened her hot mouth, and I pushed my cock deep inside her mouth…

Me: Aaahh…. now this dick will come out of your mouth only when my milk comes out… suck it.

She started moving her mouth back and forth, and I started moving my waist.

Her soft lips were tight on my cock. Because of the honey, the cock was moving back and forth quickly…

Me: Aaahh…like this…like this…ah… take it in your mouth… you bitch suck me… aaahhaakzsaaahhaha take it more… aah ah ah ah ah ah ah.

I started moving back and forth vigorously and started banging my balls on her face.

Me: Are you liking my cock?? If yes, then put one finger in your pussy.. I will understand.. don’t say anything.. keep your mouth open.

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