I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 3 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 3 » English Sex Stories

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Me: Ayaa, just like that, play with it with your tongue, suck it, take it in your mouth inside, ahh.

Natasha: Uhh. huh 

I started kissing her pussy lips. While kissing, I spread her pussy lips and started moving my tongue slowly.

Me: How are you feeling?

Natasha: Ahhh,. very akcha.. ahem, mum

She now started moving her ass up and down slowly. I started sucking her pussy. A lot of juice was flowing from her pussy.

The taste was salty and had a musky smell like fish. But lust had taken over my mind and now hers too.

We, both brother and sister, started sucking each other. Sounds of aah ooh started coming into the room. And suddenly, Natasha screamed. 

Natasha: Aah  Brothers  Leave me  . I am feeling like peeing. Could you leave me? 

Me: This is not urine. You are cumming 

Natasha: Let me go  ahhhh  aaha aaha aa aah aa

She started moving her ass vigorously and started sucking my cock even harder. I felt pressure in my balls.

I understood that we both were cumming. I lifted her from the bed and took her to the bathroom. What if sheṣ peed in this case!?!!

We both were in the bathroom. She was in front of me. Now as her height was 3-4 feet, my cock was reaching up to her nipples. I asked her to suck my cock again.

Me: Suck my dick.

Natasha: Yes. And what about my pussy???

I was happy.. my hard work paid off..

Me: Yes, let’s make her happy too. And I will fuck you all my life now. Will you fuck me??

Natasha: Yes, Brother.I will do whatever you say.

Me: Then tell me to lick my pussy.

Natasha: Lick my pussy brother, please.

I lifted her in my arms and got close to the wall, and I brought her into 69 while standing. Now she started sucking my dick very nicely,

and with her pussy  at the most we could control ourselves for 3-4 minutes, and then my dick released its squirt in her mouth.

I knew that she would take her mouth out, so I had already pressed her mouth on my dick. I released it entirely in her mouth and kept drinking the juice from her pussy.

She kept moaning loudly aaaahhhh. But I kept sucking her. and she also kept sucking me. Because of that, I pee, and her pussy also pee.

And some time back, she had drunk my cum, so she thought that this was also the same person, so she did not remove her mouth, and neither did I remove my mouth. We both urinated.

Her pussy urinated on my mouth. I drank as much as I could and let the rest flow, but I was shocked;

she took my entire piss in her mouth and kept my cock in her mouth until I forced her to do it.

Me: Arre, my cock tasted so good. Take it out now.

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Natasha: Ayaa. Yes,  your cock is delicious 

Me: If you like it, you will always take care of it. Will you keep it wherever I put it?

Natasha: Yes, Brother,  I will always do it. And you also sucked my pussy. I liked it very much, Brother.

Me: I will not only suck you but also fuck you. But some other time. When you start growing pubic hair.

Natasha: Meaning.?

Me: These hairs on my cock are called pubic hair.

Natasha: And he said this while placing his finger on my balls?

Me: These are called balls or eggs. Play with them but slowly.

She started playing with my balls 

Natasha: It is very soft.

Me: Hmmm. Now they are yours. You can play with my dick whenever you want.

But this should be our secret only. Don’t tell anyone. Not even your slutty mother.

Natasha: Yes, it’s okay. But I won’t get any pubic hair.

Me: Why? Everyone knows it.

Natasha: I wouldn’t say I like it.

Me: Then shave it.

Natasha: Why don’t you do it?

Me: you will do it.

Natasha: Yes, Brother.

Me: Not now. I am tired. Let’s take a bath.

Then we took a bath, and during that time, we had oral sex once again. Natasha started getting very excited now.

She did whatever I told her to do without any hesitation. Then we started watching TV naked. That day, she was with me for only 3 hours,

but during that time, we had oral sex four times. I remember she would sit down and start sucking my cock like a lollipop.

After the last time we had sex, I was lying on the bed, and she was on top of me. I straightened her and started kissing her.

We both started kissing passionately. I started kneading her ass; sometimes, I would squeeze her nipples.

I would press her chest with full force, and she would writhe in agony. We started kissing each other wildly.

Me: Natasha?

Natasha: hmm??

Me: I love you.

Natasha: I love you Brother.

She was only 1 1/2 years old, but her body was amazing. Being fat, her body was very soft. I licked every part of her body.

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Her ass, her nipples, thighs, pussy. In the end, her pussy had become wholly red, and my cock was also tired.

Me: Natasha, will you make a promise?

Natasha: What?

Me: Will you remain my whore for all your life?

Natasha: Meaning?

Me: Meaning, I can fuck you and suck you whenever I want. Will you always agree with what I say?

Natasha: Yes, Brother. I will become your whore. I will do everything.

Me: Promise? Because if you pretend, then next time, I will put my whole hand in your ass.

Natasha: No Brother. Don’t do this. I will do as you say. Promise!!

Me: And never tell this to your whore mother nor your Kalyani.

Natasha: Why are you calling mommy a whore? Does mommy also suck cock?

Me: Yes, but not mine. Others. Let all that go. Just don’t tell.

Natasha: Yes, brother,  whatever you say.

Me: And you will never suck anyone else’s dick—only mine.

Natasha: It’s okay, brother.. I am tired now.. lap??

Me: Come.

I took her in my arms, and we lay down. Naked!! She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her soft ass started touching my cock, and it got erect again.

She also felt it. She started looking into my eyes. I kissed her and wrapped her in my arms.

Then we put on our clothes, and I dropped her off at home.

I came home and masturbated once again, and went to sleep. I was thrilled. I had got a sex doll, and I knew that one day she would become a sex queen and she would be mine.

When she came home from school the next day, I was already waiting for her.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me, but she remembered our secret, so she didn’t say anything. I again tried to take her home, but her mother came in between.

She said she hadn’t eaten food, at least changed your clothes, etc., etc. I got furious. But I knew that until she agreed to this, I wouldn’t be able to take my doll with me.

Me: Aunty, why do you worry so much about her food and drink?? Anyway, she is so fat.

Natasha: Shut up, brother.!!

Me: Aunty, there is food at home, but I haven’t eaten it yet.

Chachi: then eat this.

Me: We both will eat at home.

Before she could say anything, I made Natasha sit on the bike, and we fled. While leaving, she said that if Mansi came,

I would send her too, as I thought the time was limited. If she comes, then nothing will happen. We came to my house.

My parents had gone out of the station today and were going to come the following day.

So I was free, but it would have been a problem if Kalyani had come. I did not waste much time thinking about all that.

As soon as I locked the house, I took Natasha in my arms and brought her to the bedroom. She started acting.

I started making excuses. She was wearing a school dress. Skirts!!! My favorite!

Natasha: I am not in the mood today, Brother 

Me: Don’t be so fussy, whore 

Natasha: No, and she started teasing me and running away.

Me: Ohh. so I will have to do it forcefully.

She laughed. I caught her and threw her face down on the bed.

Natasha: Ouch, Brother slowly 

Me: Then start working.

Natasha: I am hungry 

Me: I am your dick; you can suck it as much as you want. After some time, milk will come out of it.

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Natasha: No, Brother, I want to eat something.

Me: Shut up,  you are my whore. You will do whatever I say. Do you remember the promise??

Natasha: Yes, Brother, I remember, But I will do everything only if I eat something.

Me: Hmmm, come on, get naked.

Natasha: Now?? Let me eat food first. Please, Brother.

Me: Yes, eat whatever you want. First, do as I tell you. You are naked.

Natasha: It’s okay.

Me: Wait. let it be 

Natasha: why? what happened Brother??

Me: I will undress you myself.

I came onto the bed. She was sitting before me with her knees folded. Because of that, her skirt had gone up a little.

I stood in front of the bed and pulled her to the edge of the bed by holding her legs. Now, she was lying in front of me. I turned her upside down.

Me: Have you seen a dog?

Natasha: yes.

Me: Sit like a dog.

Natasha: Meaning??

Me: Arre, sit the way a dog stands.

Natasha: I didn’t understand anything.

I held her by her stomach, lifted her, and turned her upside down. So she was lying on her tummy. Then I had her hair pulled and pulled.

Natasha: Aaahhh, it’s hurting. Why are you pulling my hair?

During this time, she automatically came into doggy style.

Me: Look how you are sitting.

She turned her eyes back and understood what doggy style is.

Me: Understood?? Now, whenever I say doggy style, you sit like this.

Natasha: Yes, brother, why don’t you eat now?

Me: What did I tell you?? What are you to me??

Natasha: Whore.

Me: Yes.. then keep your mouth shut and do as I say.. understood.??!!

Natasha: Yes, Brother.

Now her ass was in front of me. I started lifting her skirt slowly. She was wearing a white colour panty.

I kept her dress on her ass and began caressing her pussy from above with my thumb.

Natasha: Ayaa. ummhh.

While doing so, I separated her skirt from her body. Now, she was only in panties and a shirt.

I straightened her and made her sit on her knees.

Now she understood and started removing her shirt herself.

Now, she was wearing only white-coloured underwear. When she started pulling the panties,

I stopped her. You are reading this story on Hindi X Story.

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