I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 2 » English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 2 » English Sex Stories

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Me: How are you feeling?

Natasha: Ummm.

I understood that this girl was ready to get fucked. I slowly came down from her lips and kissed her neck, and then I asked her.

Me: Should I go down?

Natasha: Yes.

I touched her right nipple. Her small, light brown nipples were brutal. I started sucking her nipples and started pressing her left nipple with my right hand. I was sucking her nipples one by one.

Now she started making sounds like ah ah… ummah…

Me: What happened?? Should I suck your nipples more? How are you feeling?

Natasha: It feels good. Suck it more.

Me: I am going to suck your pussy in the same way. Will it work?

Natasha: yes…

I thought it was an excellent opportunity… » English Sex Stories

Me: Hold my cock with your hand. As if it was just a matter of saying. She immediately held my cock with her delicate hands.

Me: Feel it;

Natasha: Bhaiya stop it. Something is happening to me. I want to pee..aaaah..hmmm..!!!!!!!!!

I immediately picked her up and took her to the bathroom. I made her sit on the commode and sat on her. Now in this position, she was in front of me, and my cock and her pussy were almost touching. I told her-

Me: Do it..!!

Natasha: You will get dirty.

Me: You just pee. I will also pee on your pussy.

Natasha: no…

Me: It will be fun. I want to see how you pee.

Natasha: Okay.

She started peeing, and I started at the same time. My urine started falling on her pussy, and she moaned. We both started peeing at each other, and she started enjoying it.

I made her pussy completely wet. When we were done peeing, we went to wash. I said let’s clean each other. Now, she was not worried.

She started doing as I said. I took a hand shower and started pouring water on her pussy. She was standing, her pussy got wet with hot urine and cold water.

Me: Clear it.

Natasha: What?

Me: Your pussy.

Natasha: How do I clear it?

Me: Should I do it?

Natasha: Yes.

I took my hand to her pussy and felt a pussy for the first time. It was completely wet and hot, too. I slowly cleaned it. Seeing a good opportunity, I told her- » English Sex Stories

Me: Take my cock in your hand.

He immediately took it in his hand.

Me: Now shake it.

She started shaking the cock.

Me: Not like this. I held her hand and started moving it up and down.

Natasha: Like this…>??

Me: Yes.

Now she was stroking my cock, and I was cleaning her pussy. We both reached the climax. I suddenly stopped my hand to see her reaction and stood up.

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Natasha: What happened? Why did you stop? Please do it.

Me: What should I do?

Natasha: The same thing you were doing.

Me: Tell me, what were you doing?

Natasha: I feel ashamed.

Me: Speak up.

Natasha: Please clean my pussy.

Me: Okay. If you want me to do that, then you will also have to do something with my cock.

Natasha: I am shaking it… what should I do now??

Me: Suck it.

Natasha: no…

Me: Okay…I won’t do it either.

I was playing with her childhood mind. If she sucks today, she will suck for the rest of her life.

Natasha: Why should I suck your dick? You didn’t suck my pussy.

Me: You did not say it. I am ready to fuck you.

Natasha: To fuck? What do you mean?

Me: I will tell you. Suck it first.

Natasha: And what about my pussy?

Me: Let’s do one thing. You suck my cock, and I will suck your pussy. Together

Natasha: How is that?

Me: Come to bed.

We went to bed.

Me: I will lie on the bed, and you will lie on top of me.

She climbed on me but upside down. While she was climbing, her pussy came on top of my cock. And she screamed.

Me: what happened?

Natasha: Your dick bit me!! » English Sex Stories

Me: I did not bite. I kissed. And when this goes inside, it is called fucking. Will she also learn?

Natasha: No…it hurts.

Me: It is just as much fun.

Natasha: What should I do now?

Me: You are on top of me. Put your ass near my mouth and put your mouth on my cock.

She changed her position, and we came in at 69. Now her ass was in front of me. I told her to suck my cock. My cock was fully erect.

Her pussy was in front of my eyes, but her legs were crossed. I kissed her thighs and put my hand on her ass. Her ass was very soft.

Me: Your ass is gorgeous, Natasha.

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I started kneading her ass.. my finger marks were left on her milk-white ass. I kneaded her ass like we kneaded flour while making roti.

She was moaning in pain, but she was also enjoying it. I stopped. My eyes went towards her. She was just lying down and was looking at my cock.

Me: What are you doing? I told you to suck it.

Natasha: I feel shy, brother; I will not suck.

I slapped her ass hard with my right hand, and her ass became deep red in color. » I Fucked My Cousin Sister 2

Natasha: Aaaaahh!!!!.. Bhaiya..!! Why are you hitting me.. it hurts

Me: You bitch… I have been licking your ass for so long, and you are not sucking my dick… you have been lying with your ass open in front of me for so long,

and you were not feeling ashamed, and now you are feeling ashamed.

Natasha: Bhaiya, don’t hit me… please…Ayaa… it’s hurting…

Me: Then do as I say.

She started struggling… I caught her… I held her ass with my hands so that she could not get up.

Me: Open your mouth… today you will suck my cock… » English Sex Stories

Natasha: No brother, let it go.

Me: You won’t agree like this, right?

I put my finger in my mouth, wet it, and started pressing the finger on her asshole.

Me: If you don’t suck my dick, then I will put this finger in your ass…

She started to writhe in agony… I inserted my finger a little into her ass… she had a very tight ass… it must have gone in hardly 1 centimeter.

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Natasha: Aaaaahh… Naaaaaaaaaaa… Aaaaaaaah… Bhaiya… Yeah…aaaaaaa.

Me: Should I insert it further??

Natasha: No… stop… aaaaa hahahaha.

While doing this, suddenly, I felt something wet on my neck. I touched it, and it felt sticky. I understood. Her pussy was completely soaked and was dripping.

My sister’s juice was dripping from her pussy. I sucked it. Now she was writhing in pain. My finger was still in her ass.

Natasha: Bhaiya… ah…take it out…please… ah… um.

Me: On one condition only… suck my dick… now.

Natasha: Okay… I will suck it.

She held my cock with her lips. Her fair hands looked sexy on my black cock. I moved my finger a little in her ass. She understood and started pushing the cock slowly. » I Fucked My Cousin Sister 2

Me: I asked you to suck it…

Natasha: I don’t know how to suck.!

Me: Have you ever eaten a lollipop?

Natasha: Yes.

Me: then suck it the way she sucks…

Natasha: You must put it entirely in your mouth to eat it.

Me: That’s what you have to do, suck it as if it was a lollipop.

She looked at my cock.. long. Black and my cock were shining. She moved forward and took out her tongue, and started licking the cock.

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And she kept licking for a long time. Her tongue was on my cock, and my finger was in her ass.

Me: take it in your mouth.

Natasha: No… ummm.

Now I lost my patience, and I inserted my whole finger in her ass…

Natasha: Aaaaaahh,,, Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Bhaiyaaa.. aaaaaaaaaaa.. take it out..

Me: Bitch, I have been asking you to suck it for so long. You are just pretending…

She was desperate to get away from my body. I was holding her down, so she was unable to get up. The more she moved, the more my finger was going into her ass…

Natasha: Aye… Bhaiya… please… take it out… hahahahahaha…

Me: Calm down… the more you move, the more it will enter in. Calm down.

Natasha: Aaahh..nooooo…its ok..

She started to calm down…

Me: Open your mouth… and do as I say.

He opened his mouth.

Me: Hold the cock and kiss it with your lips.

Her soft red lips rested on my cock, and my precum came out.

Natasha: What is this?

Me: there is milk.. suck it… » I Fucked My Cousin Sister 2

And to remind her, I moved my finger a little in her ass. She put her tongue on my cock and started licking it.

Me: Ice….Ayaa….Now open your mouth and take it inside. Suck my cock like you suck a lollipop.. Keep your teeth away.

If your teeth touch my cock, then I will put one more finger in your ass, understood??

Natasha: Ahhh… ummmm…

I slapped her on the ass.

Me: Understood???

Natasha: `Aaaaaahhhhh… yes I understood Bhaiya… please don’t hit me… I am your sister…

Me: I know… and that is why I will always love you if you do as I say… right?

Natasha: Yes, brother, I will agree… I will agree to whatever you say.

I took my finger out ofṣ her ass… she started sucking my cock, and I started massaging her ass.

Me: Natasha, you should always love this dick.. because it is your brother’s.. you cross it, and I will love you.

Natasha: yes, bhaiya… I will always suck it…

Me: How is the dick feeling?

Natasha: It is vast…

Me: Get used to it, Natasha. This dick will go in your ass and pussy someday, and you will love it a lot.

Natasha: No brother…

Me: I told you that you will only listen to me…

Natasha: Brother… is it hurting there??

Me: Where?

Natasha: On the ass.

Me: If you do as I say, I will not hurt you… you will yourself start asking for my dick, okay??

Natasha: yes, bhaiya…

And she started sucking the dick..

Me: Now show me your pussy.. » I Fucked My Cousin Sister 2

She spread her legs…

Me: Your pussy is so beautiful, Natasha! Should I suck it up now??

Natasha: yes bhaiya..

I spread her legs with my hands. I took out my tongue and started kissing her pussy lips slowly.

I started moving my tongue up and down slowly and started massaging her ass with my hands. » I Fucked My Cousin Sister 2

My cock in her mouth. Her wet hot mouth was sucking my cock. You are reading this story on HindXstory.com.

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