I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 1 – English Sex Stories

I Fucked My Cousin Sister’s Pink Pussy 1 – English Sex Stories

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Hello my friends how are you all, I hope you are well and you are reading my English Sex Stories.

Today’s story is about I Fucked My Cousin Sister‘s Pink Pussy. Let’s begin the story

Girls!! Girls… This is a word that I like very much. Not only do I find this word appealing, but I also believe that girls are the most precious and beautiful things in the world.

There exists a peculiar kind of addiction to girls. At least I am.
When we see something beautiful, we often say it is God’s miracle. So girls are also God’s masterpiece.

Every time I see a girl, the beauty of her body strikes me, and I exclaim, “Wow!” What a fantastic girl! Of course,

I am talking about those girls who are beautiful, not those who look like prostitutes. When any girl is born in this world, she is a girl from the beginning till the end—just a girl.

These relationships, such as those of a sister, wife, mother, Bhabhi, aunt, or bua, are human constructs, and I don’t find them appealing or credible.

Whether she is a sister or an aunt, she is a girl.

And I love every part of a girl. Her hair, eyes, lips, neck, underarms, boobs, nipples, navel, soft thighs,
the beautiful, fleshy, perfect ass resting on them,
and most importantly, her pussy, are all equally beautiful. pussy,.
If I want, I can suck and empty the pussies of all the girls in the world.

I understand the true value of a girl, but it’s rare that I’ve had the opportunity to see a pussy like my uncle’s daughter Julie, Kittu, or my first girlfriend, under whose name I still indulge in masturbation.

Friends, I come from an ordinary family. Parents are, unfortunately, one brother and I. ~ English Sex Stories

I always wanted a sister so that I could find sex material at home and not have to look for it outside.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sister. If I had a sister, I wouldn’t be writing this today, but instead, I would be having a sexual encounter with her.

Well, those who try never lose. If it weren’t for me, I would have found my cousin Julie.

Julie’s pussy was the first I touched, and I’ll always remember it. She is my uncle’s daughter. She has two daughters; the elder one is of no use. She never listened to me, but Julie loved me a lot.

Although she may be unfamiliar to me, her physique is breathtaking—a beautiful, fair baby doll.

I licked her body a lot. Her boobs had just started to develop, but her nipples were very sensitive. I saw her at a family function.

Her height is about 5 feet, and her hair is average. Her eyes have captured my heart. Her eyes are intoxicating.

And I had understood this thing long ago: if I fucked any of my cousins, it would be her.
The way she looked at me, even today, helped me understand.

She bit her lips, rolling her eyes. Then her juicy ass. It feels like two-liter balloons filled with water. Just touching them causes an orgasm.

After all, she is from a well-to-do family. Her mother is a whore who feeds a large number of girls and drinks their blood. Let’s put all this aside and focus on the story itself.

So, after closely observing her at that function, I made up my mind that she would be mine. I will fuck her. So, » Brother Sister Sex Story

I always looked for an opportunity to get her alone and start working. My house is empty during the day due to my parents’ work commitments, so in accordance with my lovemaking plan,

I headed to Julie’s house. While playing with her, I seduced her and took her to my house.

Now, it is not that easy. If she opens her mouth, I will fuck her. I reasoned that if I placed my dick in her mouth,

she would remain silent, as I had no intention of fucking her at the moment; oral sex would suffice for now.

After playing with her for a long time, I slowly started touching her body.
I started touching the upper part of her stomach with my fingers, jokingly.

Then I took her in my arms and began kissing her cheeks. Then, I would sometimes bring my tongue to her cheeks and sometimes to her neck.

She started blushing. She said, Let me go home!! I got scared. I thought the plan would flop.
I stopped kissing her but held her in my arms.

I then began conversing with her. I told her that she was beautiful and sexy. She blushed. She asked, What is sexy? I started seeing some signs.

I gently held her in my arms and caused her to sit on my lap,

allowing her delicate ass to rest against my legs.
I wanted to be patient, so I kept her away from my cock.

Her ass was now on my leg, her hands were in mine, and her eyes were on my face. A few inches separated my lips from hers.

I asked her, “Do you know how babies are born?”. She, like every child, had also heard nonsense.
I told her that it was all a lie.

So she said, “Then how?”. I assured her that I would provide the information, but she was required to follow my instructions. So she said what?

I insisted she say yes first. Then she agreed.

I slowly lifted her into my arms and pulled her towards my cock. Finally, her soft ass came and rested on my cock.
After picking her up and placing her on the bed,

I went to the room, took off my underwear, and returned with only my pants on, revealing my cock to her. However,

when I attempted to lift her into my arms, she responded by saying she would sit here.

I thought she was pretending. She will not let me touch her back.
So I began catching her in the act, pressing her body against mine as much as possible. » Brother Sister Sex Story

Now, I elevated her hands above her head, applied pressure with my own hands, and assumed the missionary position.

She was shaking her legs. I looked into her eyes.

She said, “Bhaiya, leave me!”. I also said that I want to leave you, Julie!”.
She replied, “What do you mean?”?

Then I looked at her top and kissed her lips while looking into her eyes. I detected a salty taste. ~ English Sex Stories

She started to feel shy, but I kept her under control. I reminded her of her promise.

I told her, “Just like children are naked, the people who give birth to them should also be naked.”
I immediately informed her that a child’s birth occurs when the cock enters the vagina.

She did not understand anything. I inquired whether she was interested in learning more. She said yes. I stood up and began undressing her.

And after she removed her pants, it was as if my breath had stopped.

The world’s most precious and beautiful thing was in front of me for the first time.
Her pussy was pink, bold, and smooth.

I felt like fucking her right then. There was not a single hair. A completely virgin pussy. And what made me pleased was that it was wet,

meaning that whatever part of her body I was playing with was responding.

I hope you like this Brother Sister Sex Story

She was wearing a T-shirt and a skirt. I like skirts a lot. Easy access!!
I took off just her underwear, and she started running.

I then held her in my arms and threw her on the bed. Her face looked like she was about to cry. I kissed her again. This time, she also kissed me.

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I stood in front of her, and my cock made a tent in my pants.
I asked her to hold my cock. She declined and began concealing her nude body.

I reminded her that we had made a promise.

I started to move her hand on my cock while holding it, and she began to withdraw her hand.

I asked her if she knew what this was. She said very innocently, “Gol-Gunda.”.
I had heard this name for the first time. “No, this is a cock, and what’s between your legs is a vagina!”

I informed her. I asked her, “Will you see the cock?”.

Despite her refusal, her gaze remained fixed on my cock. I understood and freed my cock.
After catching a glimpse, she closed her eyes.

Now, both hands were on her face. Her skirt had reached up to her knees. In one go, I removed her dress. Now, she was naked from below.

What a sight it was!! It appeared as if it originated from my genitalia. » Brother Sister Sex Story
Then she stood up, pressed her legs together, and positioned herself on the bed.

I seized her once more and drew her nearer to me, despite her initial resistance. After a lot of patience, my lust gave in.

I grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed, at which point she began to cry a little. I said
“You are completely naked!”

Julie:I want to go home.”

Me: Sure, go. But first, get naked. You are throwing tantrums. Today I will suck your pussy.

Julie: Meaning?

Me: Do as I tell you. You will enjoy it a lot.

Julie: What?

Me: Naked. Completely.

Julie: Why?

I want to see you naked.

She started removing her t-shirt slowly. I quickly removed her t-shirt and threw it away. She started hiding in shame.

I also became completely naked. Her eyes were closed.

I took her hand in mine and placed it on my cock. Then she removed her hand.

Me: If you don’t do as I say, I will never talk to you.

She got scared.

Julie: I feel ashamed.

Me: Why be shy? I am your brother. First, you open your eyes.

Julie: no

Me: please…

She opened her eyes, looked at my body, and then looked straight at my cock.

I said, Look at it. Touch it,

Julie: no

Do what I say.

She did not agree. I tried explaining a lot, but she did not listen. I even masturbated once in front of her.

This marked my initial experience of ejaculating and masturbating in the presence of a female. She started looking at my cock.

I hope you like this Sister Sex Stories in English

I had been standing naked in front of her for almost 10 minutes, so she was also not feeling shy.
Still, she was hiding her pussy.

I got a little calmer after I ejaculated. We sat on the bed. This time, she had spread her legs.

She was naked, and her beautiful pussy was right in front of my eyes. I started talking to her. Dirty talk. About sex, fucking.

Me: Tell me one thing.

Julie: What?

Me: How do you pee?

Julie: Sitting down. Like all girls do,

Me: “But where do girls have a cock?”

Julie: So let’s do it from here!!

She placed her right hand’s finger on her pussy and began her explanation. ~ English Sex Stories

Me: But where does it come from?

By now, she had forgotten that we both were completely naked. I was confronted with her pussy lips, as she had fully extended her legs.

The most beautiful thing in the world was in front of me. Her virginity is tight and pussy.

Not even a single hair. It was also shining slightly.
Meaning her pussy was getting wet.

She was feeling horny. If she had been 15–16 years old, I would have fucked her so hard that her pussy would have turned red.

I would have sucked her nipples and made them red. Then I remembered that I can suck nipples.
Julie, lie down on the bed.

Julie: Why?

Me: Lie down.

She got up from her place and moved back. I held her hand and forcefully made her lie down on the bed. She started laughing.

I grasped her thighs, spread them apart, and began savoring her intimate moments with my eyes. I slowly ascended onto her bare body,

eventually placing my lips on hers. In that position,

I found myself elevated above her body. Our naked bodies were touching each other.
She was looking into my eyes.

Those lusty eyes of hers. As I gazed into those eyes, my cock erupted once more. » Brother Sister Sex Story

I had never erected my cock before, but after five minutes, it happened once more. It was her body’s magic that made my cock as hard as stone.

I started kissing her. She did not know how to kiss me, but she started copying me. She began sucking my lips.

We will know what happened next in the next part. Bye.

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