Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi – English Sex Stories

Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi – English Sex Stories

I got a Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi during a bus journey. A sexy Bhabhi was sitting with me. 

When I started watching porn videos, she also started watching them on my phone.

Hello friends, my name is  Ajay.

First of all, let me tell you about myself!

I live in Delhi, I am 22 years old but look like a strong and attractive man of 26 or 27.

My height is 5’11”, and my Dick size is 7 inches long and 2.7 inches thick.

Without wasting much time, let me come straight to the English Sex Story of sex.

This desi Bhabhi English Sex Story is from a few days ago.

I was going to my home in Shimla for the Christmas holidays.

The bus to Shimla was at 9 pm.

I reached the bus stand at 9 pm, boarded the bus, and sat on my seat.

After some time, a beautiful woman arrived on the bus.

She must have been around 30 years old, and what a figure she had!

Just thinking about her makes my Dick erect.

While looking for her seat, she approached me and said- Hello!

Me- Yes, please say yes!

Woman- The seat next to you is mine. Can you please give me some space? ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

Me- Yes, please say yes!

Then she sat on her seat, and I sat on mine!

A few hours passed like that.

Then I saw that everyone on the bus was sleeping and that woman too.

I don’t know what happened to my mind, but lust took over my mind.

Then I started watching porn videos on my mobile to satisfy my lust.

While watching porn videos, I forgot about my surroundings.

I didn’t even realize when that woman got up and how long she looked into my phone.

Suddenly, I heard some heavy breathing.

Then I looked at that woman and discovered she was looking into my phone.

I was stunned; it felt as if even a cut would leave my body.

I thought I was done for today!

So I turned off my phone and sat quietly. ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

Then she asked me softly- why did you turn off your mobile?

I was overjoyed to hear this!

Then I asked- did you like it?

She did not say anything; she just laughed a little!

Then I asked–what is your name?

She told me her name was Rashmi.

Then we started talking about this and that, and I slowly placed my hand on her thigh.

Then she felt a little shy and placed her hand on my hand.

Without wasting much time, I started kissing her.

As soon as I kissed her, even in the winter season, my body felt like a hot furnace.

After kissing continuously for about 15 minutes, I started pressing her boobs over her blouse.

She started moaning softly.

Me- Hey, someone will hear it!

Rashmi- Ahh…!

I started kissing her again.

Now she started caressing my Dick from above my pants.

Then I opened her blouse, and her 36 size momos came before me.

I started sucking her boobs like crazy and also started pressing her boobs.

After about 10 minutes, she exited the bus seat and sat on the floor. ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

Then she opened the zip of my pants and took out my Dick.

The glow that came in her eyes after seeing the Dick… was unimaginable!

She said- Very good, my king, you have a great cock, friend!

I- Yes, my queen, come on, suck this cock now! I have been wanting a woman like you for so many days!

She started sucking my Dick.

I felt like I was in seventh heaven.

You can imagine how a virgin boy feels when his cock is sucked for the first time.

After getting my cock sucked for about 15 minutes, I was about to cum.

Then I told her- I am about to cum!

So she said- cum in my mouth!

Immediately she increased the speed of sucking, and I ejaculated in her mouth.

She swallowed the entire load in one breath.

Then we sat properly.

Rashmi- Friend, I enjoyed sucking your cock. But I want to take it in my pussy!

Me- Yes, but how will we do it?

Rashmi- Let’s do one thing… There is a hotel ahead. We will get down there and stay there tonight and have sex all night!

I agreed with her, and we got down at the next stop. ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

There was a hotel nearby.

We went there and rented a room.

She called her home and told them that she would come tomorrow.

I also called my home and told them that I would come tomorrow!

Then, when we reached the room, I started kissing her.

We kept kissing each other for about 15 minutes.

Then I kissed her on the cheek and bit her lip.

Her breathing was getting faster.

I opened her blouse and removed her dress and saree.

Now she was in just a bra and panty.

I couldn’t control myself anymore!

I started twisting her breasts over her bra.

She started moaning loudly.

Then I took off her bra.

What lovely breasts she had… white and a tight nipple in the middle!

~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

I would suck one and press the other.

After pressing her breasts for some time, I started licking her navel.

She became even more excited.

After licking her navel for a while, I slowly came down and started licking her pussy over her panties.

My cock had become hard with the smell of her pussy.

Then I removed her panties.

I became crazy as soon as I saw her pussy.

Light black hair, brown pussy and pink inside the pussy!

I became crazy as soon as I saw her!

I couldn’t resist anymore, so I jumped to lick her pussy.

She started pressing my head into her pussy.

Then she removed my pants, and we got into a 69 position.

I was licking her pussy, and she was licking my cock.

In about 10 minutes, she orgasmed, and so did I, and we drank all of each other’s juice.

Although she had reached orgasm, I did not stop licking her pussy, and she became hot again after some time.

Rashmi-  Ajay, I can’t wait anymore, fuck me!

Me- Wait, my love, this is just the beginning!

I started licking her pussy again.

Then I got excited and turned her over and started licking her ass. ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

She immediately screamed.

For about 10 minutes, I licked her pussy and ass.

She orgasmed again.

I now put my Dick in her mouth, and she started sucking it with great pleasure.

My Dick was covered with her saliva.

Now, I made her lie straight on the bed.

Then I lifted her legs and set my Dick on her pussy.

Then I gave a strong push, and Dick went inside, tearing her pussy.

She screamed in pain, so I started kissing her to calm her down.

After some time, when she got a little relaxed, I slowly started moving my Dick back and forth.

She also started supporting me, so I slowly increased the speed of fucking   desi bhabhi.

Only the sound of fuch-fuch started echoing in the room.

After fucking like this for 5 minutes, I made her a mare and started fucking her pussy from behind.

After fucking for about 20 minutes, I ejaculated into her pussy.

That night we had sex several times, and I also fucked that sister-in-law’s ass. ~ Chance to Fuck Desi Bhabhi

Then, the next morning, we exchanged numbers and went to our respective homes.

This is my first Desi English Sex Stories.

If I have made any mistake, please forgive me as your own!

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