Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 1 » English Sex Story

Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 1 » English Sex Story

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This is my English Sex Story from a few days ago, how I fucked the Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

My greetings to all the players of pussy fucking. I am Rahul, and I live in Delhi, I am 20-year-old young man. 

My dick is 6 inches long, which can go deep into any pussy and measure it well.

My dick is often liked by experienced women a lot. Be it Bhabhi, Aunty , everyone gives a lot of pleasure to the dick. 

When I get a chance, I also fuck the new virgin girls.

I was having a relationship with Manju Aunty, who lives in my neighborhood. I was enjoying her a lot. 

Then one day, I went to Aunty’s house to fuck her, but she was not found at her house.

Then Sonia Bhabhi, who lives opposite her, called me to her home.

Then Sonia Bhabhi got my work done that day and got me the pussy of her friend, i.e. 

Neelam Aunty, about whom I had told in the previous Bhabhi English Sex Story. Then I fucked Neelam Aunty very well.

Now the next day, I again went to fuck Manju Aunty. But even today Aunty had not returned from her maternal home. 

I started rubbing my dick again. Now I came to Sonia Bhabhi’s house.

Sonia Bhabhi is a 32-year-old sexy, smooth babe. She is like Rasmalai from top to bottom. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

Bhabhi’s curvy body, sexy figure, and throbbing youth are enough to give a lot of pleasure to anyone.

Bhabhi’s boobs are about 32″ in size. Her boobs are very tight and juicy. Bhabhi takes care of her boobs well. 

The firmness of her boobs is clearly visible through Bhabhi’s blouse.

Bhabhi’s fair, smooth stomach is very sexy. Below the stomach, Bhabhi’s hot sexy waist is about 32″ in size. 

Below the waist, Bhabhi’s sexy ass is about 34″ in size. When Bhabhi moves around, her ass sways a lot. 

I used to masturbate many times by looking at Bhabhi’s ass. Bhabhi was alone at home. She was washing clothes.

“And Rohit, tell me, how are you?” “Now you know the situation, Bhabhi. When will Manju Aunty come?”

“I don’t know anything about her either. Maybe she has gone to a wedding. It will take four to five days.”

“How will I pass the time till then? I don’t understand.”

“Yes, friend, now you will have to wait.”

“I am just not able to wait, Bhabhi.” » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

Bhabhi was sitting in front of me with her ass exposed. Seeing her swollen ass, my dick started to ache to fuck Bhabhi. Now I started rubbing my dick.

“Bhabhi, you did my work yesterday. Now do some Jugaad today also.”

“Now, friend, Jugaad cannot be done every day. Neelam Aunty gave it to you yesterday. 

Not everyone is ready for this. Even though she is not here today.”

“Bhabhi, do something.”

“Nothing can be done today.”

Now I thought that Bhabhi had already seen my dick yesterday. Now today, we should try to convince Bhabhi to fuck us. 

Bhabhi had not given us anything till now.

“So what if Bhabhi is not there? You are there.”

Then Bhabhi was shocked.

“I mean, you can manage my work?”

“No, friend. I just don’t do this work.”

“Friend, please, Bhabhi. You manage my work today. Just today. I will not take anything from you tomorrow. 

Anyway, it was your turn yesterday, but you got aunty fucked in between.”

“Whatever I did, I got your pussy, didn’t I?” » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

“Yes, but you didn’t give it to me, right? It’s all thanks to Aunty, who quenched my dick’s thirst. Now it’s your turn. Give me two pussies.”

“No friend, Rohit. I may talk like this. But I don’t even think about taking it from someone else.”

“Then think about it today, Bhabhi. I will fuck you like I fucked Neelam Aunty yesterday.”

“No, friend, I don’t want to do it.”

Now Bhabhi got up and started drying the clothes. She was half wet. Now, I was looking at Bhabhi’s sexy figure.

“Oh, Bhabhi, you have a very sexy figure. A very sexy look. Your figure can set any dick on fire.”

“Say anything, but I am not going to impress you today.”

“You will impress everyone.”

“Okay!” Yes, Bhabhi.

Now I went and stood near Bhabhi and started caressing her ass.

“Rohit friend, let me work. Don’t bother me.”

“I am also asking you to do the work, but you are throwing too many tantrums, Bhabhi.”

“If it is my thing, then I will throw tantrums, right?”

“Yes, of course, you can throw tantrums, but show some mercy on me, too, Bhabhi.”

“I can’t just show mercy.”

Now, Bhabhi had dried all the clothes. Now Bhabhi brought some more clothes from inside and sat down to wash them, too.

Here my dick was craving for Bhabhi’s pussy. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

“This work will keep happening, Bhabhi. You do my work first, too.”

“Yaar, I can’t do that work.”

I was trying hard to impress Bhabhi, but Bhabhi was deliberately throwing tantrums. 

Now, I held Bhabhi’s hand and started bringing her inside.

Just then, Bhabhi stood up smiling, “Rohit yaar, what are you doing? Are you mad?”

“I am doing what I should do, Bhabhi.”

“This is wrong, Rohit. Take help from the one who helps you.”

“Everyone does this, Bhabhi. You go inside.”

Bhabhi was not ready to go inside. Bhabhi was smiling. I was pushing Bhabhi inside. My hand was caressing her ass.

“You are taking me inside, but I will not let you do anything other than kissing.”

“Yes, you just let me kiss you.”

Then I brought Bhabhi inside the room. Now. I closed the door. Bhabhi was standing in front of me. Then I put my hand on Bhabhi’s waist and attacked her juicy lips.

Now, Bhabhi was holding me. I was sucking her juicy lips badly. Now my hand had reached her sexy ass passing through Bhabhi’s waist. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

Then Bhabhi started trying to remove my hand from her ass. I was squeezing Bhabhi’s ass well. Now loud sounds of puch puch puch puch were coming from the room due to kissing.

Then Bhabhi slid and set herself against the wall. Now I started kneading Bhabhi’s boobs. Bhabhi tried to save her boobs.

Here my dick was badly yearning to tear Bhabhi’s pussy. I was sucking Bhabhi’s lips. Then I put my hand inside Bhabhi’s blouse and started squeezing Bhabhi’s boobs well.

Now, how long could poor Bhabhi save her pigeons? I was blowing Bhabhi’s pigeons. Bhabhi was holding my hand.

Now, I started inserting my other hand in her dress. Bhabhi was not letting me put my hand in the dress. But I had a firm intention.

Then I put my hand in Bhabhi’s petticoat. Bhabhi kept holding my hand. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi

Now I started looking for Bhabhi’s pussy. Here I was sucking Bhabhi’s lips, and from below, I was trying to put my hand in Bhabhi’s panties.

You will get to read the Sex Stories in English further in the next part. Mail – soni4u9@gmail.com

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