Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 2 » English Sex Story

Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 2 » English Sex Story

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This is my English Sex Story from a few days ago, how I fucked the Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 2

My greetings to all the players of pussy fucking. I am Rahul, and I live in Delhi, I am 20-year-old young man. 

Let’s begin the Bhabhi English Sex Story

Then Bhabhi’s pussy came into my hands. Now I immediately caught hold of Bhabhi’s pussy and started rubbing it.

Now poor Bhabhi started trying to save her pussy. Now, all of Bhabhi’s things were in my hands. I was rubbing all of Bhabhi’s things badly.

Bhabhi’s pussy was getting very hot. I was scratching Bhabhi’s pussy with my fingers.

Now, Bhabhi had become very hot. Then realizing the delicacy of the situation, I thought it right to open Bhabhi’s blouse.

I started opening the hooks of Bhabhi’s blouse. Then Bhabhi began to stop me.

“Friend Rohit, don’t do anything further now. We just talked about kissing.”

“Bhabhi, the iron is hot. Now, let me strike it with the hammer. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“But friend…” » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

“Now put all your tantrums aside.”

Then I opened the hooks of Bhabhi’s blouse and pulled her bra up, and then freed Bhabhi’s boobs.

My mouth started watering as soon as I saw Bhabhi’s boobs. Now I started squeezing Bhabhi’s boobs with my fists. Now Bhabhi began writhing in pain.

“Ahh sisssss ahhh unh aaaaiiii sisssss ahaa oh Rohit.”

“Oh, Bhabhi, you have such nice breasts. I am really enjoying pressing them.”

“Oh Rohit, ahh, press it slowly. Ahhh, it is hurting a lot.”

“The pleasure lies in the pain, Bhabhi. Ahhh, your breasts are very tight, ahhh.”

Then I squeezed Bhabhi’s boobs badly. Now, Bhabhi’s face had turned pale due to the pain.

I filled Bhabhi’s boobs in my mouth, and then holding Bhabhi’s ass, I started sucking her boobs. Ah, I was enjoying sucking Bhabhi’s boobs. Bhabhi was caressing my hair.

I was plundering her treasure thoroughly. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

“Oh, Bhabhi! These are so juicy, aah.”

Bhabhi was comfortably feeding me the juice of her boobs. I was rubbing and sucking Bhabhi’s boobs. Bhabhi had now freed her treasure.

Then in a short while, I sucked Bhabhi’s boobs badly. Now I picked up Bhabhi and threw her on the bed.

Now, I put my hand on Bhabhi’s legs and started opening her panties. Bhabhi was silent now.

Then Bhabhi lifted her ass, and then I removed Bhabhi’s panties. Now I removed all my clothes and became naked.

Now I spread Bhabhi’s legs and started setting my dick in her pussy. Bhabhi’s pussy was completely clean.

Perhaps Bhabhi must have harvested her pussy crop just two or four days ago. Bhabhi was looking at me with longing eyes.

“Fuck me slowly friend. Even I am scared after seeing your dick.”

“I will fuck you slowly, Bhabhi. Don’t worry.”

Now I put my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy. As soon as my dick was set in Bhabhi’s pussy, I pushed it hard into Bhabhi’s pussy. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

Then my dick broke the bones of Bhabhi’s tight pussy and entered completely inside. As soon as my dick entered her pussy, Bhabhi screamed badly.

“Aaaaa Mummy, I am dying, aaaaaa aaaaa oh Rohit, it is hurting a lot. aaaaaa I am dying. Please take your penis out.”

Then I took out my penis and again thrust it into Bhabhi’s vagina. My penis had again reached the root of Bhabhi’s vagina. Bhabhi screamed again.

“Iiiiii Iiiiii Iiiiiii Oh Mom.”

Now I held Bhabhi’s legs and started fucking her hard. Ahh, it feels so good when the dick enters the pussy.

Ahh! Bhabhi was screaming badly. Bhabhi’s screams were echoing in the whole room.

“Iiiieeee iiiiiii ahhh ahhh ahhh iiiiee iiiiiii ahhh ahhh ahhh.”

“Oh, Bhabhi, ah, I am enjoying it a lot. Ahhh, you have a very nice pussy. I enjoyed it.”

“Oh, ahh. Sissss aha oh Rohit fuck me slowly yaar, ahh ahh.”

“I am fucking you slowly, Bhabhi.” » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

I was fucking Bhabhi badly. My thick and strong black dick was proving to be very heavy on Bhabhi’s small pussy.

My thick dick was making chutney from Bhabhi’s pussy. I was having a lot of fun fucking Bhabhi.

“Iiiiee Iiiiee Iiii ahhh ahhh ahhh slowly slowly ahhh ahhh.”

Bhabhi was telling me to fuck her slowly, but who fucks gradually when you get pussy? I was banging Bhabhi hard.

Bhabhi was shaking badly due to the fast thrusts of my dick. Then Bhabhi’s screams stopped, and Bhabhi’s juice came out.

Now my dick was bathed in Bhabhi’s juice. I was still banging Bhabhi hard.

“Ahhh ah it ah ah ah oh mummy ah slowly ah ah.”

“Ahh, Bhabhi, I am enjoying it a lot. Aha, aha.”

I was thrusting my dick into Bhabhi’s pussy by moving my ass. Bhabhi was getting fucked badly on the bed. Now, I removed Bhabhi’s petticoat and saree. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

Now, Bhabhi was naked from below. I made Bhabhi stick to me, and I started fucking her vigorously. Now, Bhabhi’s legs were waving in the air.

“Ahhh ahhh ahhh sissss ahhh ahhh sisssss iiiii iiiii.”

“Oh, Bhabhi, you are such a hot chick. Ahh, I am having so much fun fucking you.”

“I was fucking Bhabhi’s hole with full force. I was also getting wet with the sweat from Bhabhi’s body. Bhabhi was caressing my back. She was holding me in her arms.

“Aha oh sisssss ahh sissssss oh Rohit aha sisssss ahh just fuck me like this, ahhh.”

“Yes, Bhabhi, you, too, were in dire need of a thick and strong penis.”

“Yes, friend, your brother doesn’t get time now.”

“It doesn’t matter, Bhabhi. Now your lover will fuck you.”

I was fucking Bhabhi. Bhabhi was now getting fucked with her legs wide open. Then Bhabhi’s pussy started boiling, and once again, Bhabhi’s juices came out.

Now, I asked Bhabhi to become a mare. Now, Bhabhi has become a mare without showing any tantrums.

Now I set my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy and started fucking her by holding her waist.

“Ahhh ahhh oh ssssss ahhh unh ahhh oh ahhh.” » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

“Oh my mare, ahh, I will play with you a lot today.”

“Play it, my lover. I won’t stop you now.”

My dick was roaming Bhabhi’s pussy with full force. Bhabhi was taking my dick in the doggy position. I was also fucking Bhabhi’s pussy like a horse.

I was having a lot of fun fucking Bhabhi in the doggy position.

“Ahh aha ahhh ahaha sissssss unh today ahaaha ahaha ahhh oh unh.”

“Let me play it, sister-in-law.”

I was moving my ass and inserting my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy. Now, I left Bhabhi’s waist and then grabbed Bhabhi’s hair.

Now, I was holding Bhabhi’s hair and banging it hard.

“Oh ahh ahh ahh iiii you dog bastard, it is hurting a lot.”

“You mother-fucker. It will hurt, right?”

I was banging my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy. Bhabhi was also getting fucked well in the doggy position. Then Bhabhi squirted again. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

Now, Bhabhi was drenched in sweat. I was fucking Bhabhi. Then I fucked Bhabhi for a long time.

Now, I turned Bhabhi around and made her sit straight again. I again put my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy. Now I was again putting my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy very fast.

I was fucking Bhabhi by holding her legs. She was getting her pussy fucked hard.

“Oh ahh sis aha oh unh that I am enjoying it a lot, Rohit. Ahhh. Your dick is very fun.”

“I will give you a lot of pleasure, Bhabhi.”

“Oh ahaa sssssss ahhh iiii.”

My dick started trembling due to the continuous banging. Then I held Bhabhi tightly and filled her pussy with the thick fluid of my dick.

After filling Bhabhi’s pussy, my dick was feeling very happy. 

The Bhabhi who had arranged my meeting with Neelam Aunty was under my dick today. » Big Boobs neighbor Bhabhi 2

We both were wrapped in each other’s arms. Then, after a while, I started again.

The Hot Sex Stories in English will continue

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