Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3 » English Sex Story

Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3 » English Sex Story

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This is my English Sex Story from a few days ago, how I fucked the Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3

Let’s begin the Bhabhi Sex Story

I had fucked Sonia Bhabhi very badly in the first round of fucking. 

Bhabhi was completely embarrassed. Now I started warming up my dick again and started sucking Bhabhi’s juicy lips.

Now Bhabhi was also getting hot and was sucking my lips. We both were immersed in sexual lust. 

We both were sucking each other’s lips with fun. Then I came to Bhabhi’s Boobs and again started sucking Bhabhi’s Boobs. 

Now Bhabhi was pressing me on her Boobs.

“Oh ahh sis ahh oh Rohit, it feels so good. Ahhh, just keep sucking like this.”

Now Bhabhi was openly getting her boobs sucked. I was also sucking Bhabhi’s boobs vigorously. 

I was giving Bhabhi full pleasure. Now my dick had started getting erect again.

“Oh Rohit, ahh, these are full of juice. Suck all the juice.”

“Yes, Bhabhi.”

Then I drank all the juice from Bhabhi’s boobs. Now I kissed Bhabhi’s stomach and reached her pussy. » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3

Then Bhabhi showed wisdom and opened her legs. Now I put a pillow under Bhabhi’s ass. 

I held Bhabhi’s thighs and started licking her pussy.

I was having a lot of fun licking Bhabhi’s juicy pussy. Bhabhi was caressing my hair. 

She was getting her pussy licked peacefully. I was enjoying Bhabhi’s pussy a lot.

“Unh oh, ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh sisssss unh ahhh ahhh oh unh ahhh.” Bhabhi was writhing in agony. 

Her pussy was on fire. Bhabhi was eagerly clutching the bedsheet in her fists.

“Oh, you bloody dog. Sis, uh oh ahh.”

Now I folded Bhabhi’s legs and then inserted two fingers in her pussy simultaneously. 

I started fingering Bhabhi’s pussy, and Bhabhi began to write again.

“Aiiiiii sissss unh aaah ahhh sissssss ahhh aaha. Oh, you motherfucker don’t do this, ahhh.”

“Let me do it, you bitch. Ahhh, I am enjoying it a lot, ahhh.”

I started fingering Bhabhi’s pussy quickly. Now, Bhabhi started getting very irritated with the pain. 

I was having a lot of fun caressing Bhabhi’s pussy.

“Aha ah ah essays unh ah ahh slowly oh Rohit I am dying, ah.” » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3

“Oh, Bhabhi, today I will tear your pussy, aah.”

I was digging Bhabhi’s pussy with great force. Bhabhi’s condition was getting worse. 

She was now throwing her legs here and there. Bhabhi was in severe pain. She was drenched in sweat.

Then Bhabhi had her orgasm again. My fingers were soaked in Bhabhi’s juices.

Then I put my mouth on Bhabhi’s pussy and started drinking her salty water. Bhabhi was breathing a sigh of relief. 

Now, she was comfortably making me drink her water. Then I rubbed Bhabhi’s pussy badly. Bhabhi was very agitated by the pussy rubbing.

Now I lay down beside Bhabhi and asked her to fuck me. Then, the dick-hungry Bhabhi immediately climbed on me and started eating my lips. 

Now Bhabhi was sucking my lips vigorously. She was going crazy.

I was caressing Bhabhi’s shiny, smooth back. Then Bhabhi came to my chest and started kissing me continuously. 

Now, Bhabhi had become a hungry lioness. She was biting my chest badly.

I was handling Bhabhi’s hair. Looking at Bhabhi’s hot breath, it seemed that Bhabhi had not had sex for a long time. » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3

Then Bhabhi kissed me and made my chest wet. Now Bhabhi slid down and directly caught hold of my thick and strong dick. 

Bhabhi started massaging my dick while smiling.

“Your dick is really amazing.”

“Then take it in the pussy.”

“Yes, I am taking it, let me suck it a little first.”

Now Bhabhi made my dick red by sucking it. Then Bhabhi got up and set the dick in her pussy. Bhabhi now started riding my dick.

“Ahaa oh sissss ahhh sisssss ahhh oh sisssss.”

Now Bhabhi was jumping and getting fucked. She was vigorously taking the dick in her pussy. 

Then Bhabhi started increasing the speed slowly.

“Ahh ah oh is aha a is ah oh Rohit, I am having a lot of fun.”

“Yes, Bhabhi, just thrust like this.”

Now Bhabhi was getting fucked with great force. She was shaking her ass vigorously and taking the dick in her pussy. 

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I was holding Bhabhi’s waist.

“Oh, Bhabhi, you are looking very sexy. Ahh, fuck me harder. Take out all your juice.”

“Aha ahh sis ahh a mummy, I am taking it out, ahh.”

“And louder, Bhabhi, aah aah.”

Bhabhi was jerking very badly. Bhabhi’s boobs were bouncing due to the strong jerks. 

Bhabhi was going crazy while getting fucked. Now, Bhabhi had started panting.

“Ahh oh sisssss ahaa oh sisssss ahaa oh sisssss.” Oh Rohit I am gone.”

Just then, Bhabhi had her orgasm. Now, Bhabhi was drenched in sweat and hugged me. 

Then, Bhabhi remained lying on top of me like that for a while.

Now I threw Bhabhi down again and opened her legs, and again put my dick in her pussy. Now I again started tearing apart Bhabhi’s pussy.

“Ahh sss ahh ahh oh my love. Ahhh, I am enjoying it a lot. I will fuck your queen a lot.” » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 3

“Yes, my queen. You will remember this fuck. I will fuck my queen a lot today.”

“Yes, play it, my love.”

I was fucking Bhabhi hard. Bhabhi’s boobs were shaking badly due to the thrusts of my dick. 

Then I fucked Bhabhi and made her cum. Now, I turned Bhabhi over. I removed the bra and blouse stuck on Bhabhi’s body. 

Now Bhabhi’s shiny back and her plump ass were in front of me. Seeing Bhabhi’s sexy youth, my dick started throbbing.

Then I climbed on Bhabhi and started kissing Bhabhi’s strong shoulders and wrists. 

Then Bhabhi started feeling a tingling sensation. I was kissing Bhabhi’s shoulders and ears. Here my dick was desperate to enter Bhabhi’s ass.

“Ahhhh sissss ahhh unh sssssss ahhh.”

Now, I started kissing Bhabhi’s neck. Bhabhi was getting restless. Now, I started kissing Bhabhi’s shiny back vigorously. 

I enjoyed kissing Bhabhi’s back. Bhabhi was sighing.

“Unh ah ah oh unh ah oh unh.”

I had pressed Bhabhi very well. I was pressing Bhabhi’s body tightly. 

I was plundering Bhabhi’s youth like a mad woman. Bhabhi was writhing badly.

“Oh ssssss aaha oh Rohit ahhh.”

Now I kissed Bhabhi’s back and reached her sexy ass. Now, I started kissing Bhabhi’s buttocks continuously.

Then Bhabhi started moving here and there, but I held her tightly.

“Oh, Bhabhi, aha, you have a very nice ass. Ahh, oh, Bhabhi. Hi, what sexy buttocks, ahhh.”

I was getting the pleasure of heaven in kissing Bhabhi’s fair, smooth buttocks. I was going crazy. 

Then I kissed Bhabhi’s ass for a long time. Now I straightened Bhabhi and then I lifted her and brought her down from the bed. 

I sat on the bed and asked Bhabhi to suck my dick.

The story continues in the next part. How did you like my story? Tell me by mailing me and make friends– soni4u9@gmail.com

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