Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 » English Sex Story

Fucked The Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 » English Sex Story

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This is my English Sex Story from a few days ago, how I fucked the Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4

Let’s begin the Bhabhi Sex Story

Then Bhabhi sat down and started massaging my dick.

“You have made a very strong weapon. I don’t know whose pussy you will tear apart next.”

Then I punched Bhabhi and said, “I want to tear your sister’s pussy, Bhabhi.”

Then, my Bhabhi was shocked.

“My sister’s!”

“Yes, Bhabhi! Your sister’s. She is also a very sexy girl. Just like you.”

“You bastard, she is my sister. You fucking me is enough. Don’t even think about her.”

“Hey, Bhabhi, I was just joking. How can I fuck your sister? She is my sister, too.”

“Yes, now you are telling the truth. I was really scared.”

Now Bhabhi put my dick in her mouth and started sucking it quickly. Now, I was handling Bhabhi’s hair. 

Bhabhi had become crazy about sucking my dick. » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

“Oh Bhabhi, aha, I am enjoying it. Oh, Bhabhi, keep sucking like this, aah.”

Bhabhi was sucking my dick with all her might. She was turning my dick into a lollipop. I was giving Bhabhi every opportunity to quench her thirst.

“Oh, Bhabhi, ahh, quench your thirst. You are feeling very thirsty.”

Bhabhi was just sucking my dick. Then Bhabhi sucked my dick for a long time. Now, I made Bhabhi stand and set her against the wall.

Now I made Bhabhi stand against the wall and sucked her boobs.

“Uhh ahh uhh oh bhabhi.”

Bhabhi was now feeding me her boobs. I was also sucking Bhabhi’s boobs badly. Bhabhi was caressing my hair.

“Oh Rohit, ahhh, you give me a lot of pleasure, friend, ahhh ahhhhhh.”

Now I inserted my fingers in Bhabhi’s pussy, and I was sucking her Boobs while fingering her pussy. Now Bhabhi started writhing in pain.

“Oh, that is ah it, oh mummy that is ah.”

Now, Bhabhi was getting very angry due to the pain. I was enjoying Bhabhi to the fullest. I was sucking her boobs.

“Oh, my lover, do it slowly. Ahhh, it is hurting my friend. Ahhh, oh shhhhhhh.” » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

Then I enjoyed Bhabhi like this for a long time. Now, I again brought Bhabhi near the bed and again asked her to become a mare. Then Bhabhi became a mare by holding the bed.

“Friend, please don’t fuck my ass.”

“Hey, Bhabhi, you are very scared. Aunty got her ass fucked. While the hole of her ass was not even open. Your hole is also open.”

“Hey, friend, but I am feeling scared after seeing your dick.”

“Now that you want to get your ass fucked, then what are you afraid of? What has to happen will happen.”

“What will happen, friend? I know everything. You will tear my ass right now.”

“Let’s see what happens?”

Now I started to put my dick in Bhabhi’s ass, then Bhabhi asked me to apply oil on her ass. Now I brought oil and started using Bhabhi’sṣ sushis.

“Put it in nice, friend. It shouldn’t hurt too much.”

“Yes, I am applying it well, Bhabhi.” » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

Now I applied oil to Bhabhi’s ass properly. Now I put my dick in Bhabhi’s ass, and then with a jerk, I pushed my dick into Bhabhi’s ass. In a single jerk, my dick tore through Bhabhi’s asshole and entered completely inside. As soon as the dick entered Bhabhi’s ass, Bhabhi screamed badly.

“Aaaaaaaaa, Mommy, I’m dying. Aaaaaaaa, it’s hurting a lot, friend. Take your dick out quickly. My ass will tear.”

“Hey, Bhabhi, be a little quiet. Your ass won’t tear.”

“It will burst, friend.”

Now I pulled out my dick and again put it in Bhabhi’s ass. Bhabhi screamed again. “Aaaaa mummy aaaa aaahhh, it is hurting a lot.”

My dick had completely entered Bhabhi’s tight ass. Bhabhi was screaming badly due to pain.

Now I started fucking Bhabhi’s ass with full force. Now Bhabhi began to fly in the storm of my dick.

“Iiiieeee Iiiiee ahhh ahhh ssss ahhh ahhh oh ahhh ahhh oh iiiii.”

“Hi, what a nice ass you have, ahh I am enjoying it a lot Bhabhi.”

I was fucking Bhabhi’s ass at full speed. My dick was tearing Bhabhi’s ass apart. I was having a lot of fun fucking Bhabhi’s tight ass.

My thick and strong dick was breaking the tightness of Bhabhi’s ass. I was fucking Bhabhi’s ass hard. » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

“Ahh ahh oh she is a mummy I am dying. Ahh, ahh, ahh. Fuck me slowly, my friend. Ahh, I am dying. You have a very strong dick.”

“Only a strong dick can bring pleasure, Bhabhi.”

“Yes, but right now, your dick is tearing my ass.”

“Then let him tear it apart, Bhabhi. Anyway, Bhaiya would have never torn your ass.”

Then Bhabhi became silent. Now she started getting her ass fucked comfortably.

“Ah aha sisssss aha oh sssssss ahhh iiiii mummy. Aha oh sissssss.”

“Now, whatever happened has happened. I also got your dick.”

“Yes, Bhabhi.”

Now, Bhabhi got up and started wearing panties. Then Bhabhi wore a bra and dress. Now, Bhabhi got ready again by wearing a blouse and saree.

Now, Bhabhi began to leave the room.

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“Now get dressed quickly and come out. We have been inside for a long time.”

“I am coming, Bhabhi.”

Now I also wore my clothes and came out of the room. Bhabhi was making tea on the veranda. Then seeing Bhabhi’s puffed ass, my dick started getting erect again. Now, Bhabhi gave me tea, and then we both started drinking tea. I could still see the hunger for dick in Bhabhi’s eyes.

“Bhabhi, let’s have another fire.”

Then Bhabhi started smiling, “Are you still not satisfied?”

“Yes, Bhabhi. Just get it done one more time.”

“No, friend. You will tear me apart again.”

“Oh, I won’t tear it. I’m sure.”

“Friend, but now the children are about to come from school, not now.”

“Hey, there is still a lot of time for the kids to come.”

Then Bhabhi finished her tea. Now, she kept the cup for Bhabhi and said, “Come on, fulfill your wish.”

Then I took Bhabhi inside the room, caressed her ass, and threw her on the bed. Now, I again climbed on top of Bhabhi and started rubbing her body. » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

I was having a lot of fun rubbing Bhabhi’s body. Then I quickly removed Bhabhi’s panties and immediately put my dick in Bhabhi’s pussy.

Now I started fucking Bhabhi again. Now, Bhabhi started screaming again.

“Ahhh ahhh iiii oh Rohit fuck me slowly yaarrrr. Iii mummy. Iii ahhh.”

I was shaking Bhabhi badly by fucking her. Bhabhi was again remembering her mother. I was fucking Bhabhi hard.

“Iiii Eeee Iiii Eee ahhh ahhh ssss aahh iiiiii bassssss.”

Then, in just a few strokes, Bhabhi’s juice came out. Then I fucked Bhabhi for a long time. Now my dick was satisfied.

Now, Bhabhi got up and put on her panties. Now, I also wore my pajamas.

“You have made the whole bed dirty. Now I will have to wash the bed again today.”

“Yes, Bhabhi. Now, today, you have done this work.”

“And who forced you to do this? Can you tell me? You fucked me so hard, so much cum must have come out.”

“Yes, Bhabhi. Now your lake was full of water, so the water had to be taken out.”

“Yes, yes.” » Big Boobs Neighbor Bhabhi 4 »

Now, Bhabhi started washing the bed. Now I came home after fucking Bhabhi.

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